Picking the Perfect Water Garden for Your Home

As summer quickly approaches, most home owners are busy looking for ways to spruce up their landscaping. One of the most popular trends of the season seems to be water gardens or water features.

Water gardens can be the source of many of hours of relaxation but some consideration must be given to picking the proper type of water garden for your planned location. There are so many different options when it comes to water gardens and water features that there is sure to be a solution that is perfect for your planned location.

A container water garden is the perfect choice for those with a limited amount of space. A container water garden can be used indoors where the soothing sound can be enjoyed year round. A container garden is also a great way to add a water feature to a patio or porch without the risk of a heavy, full sized water garden. Container water features are by far the easiest to build and maintain.

The most common type of water garden is a sunken pond. A sunken pond can be created by using a pond liner that is preformed or a pond liner sheeting material. The pond liner sheeting allows the most freedom when it comes to picking the shape and size of your garden pond but it is also the most labor intensive. A preformed liner is the quickest way to install a sunken pond and is also the must durable.

Once you have decided upon the type of pond for your planned location, their are several ways to add your own personal touch. If you like the sound of falling water, a waterfall feature is easy to accomplish with the use of small grade water hoses. If your water garden is large enough, a spraying water feature can easily be added with the use of a submersible water pump. Koi and plants can also be added to the sunken ponds.

Once you have decided upon the type of water garden that is perfect for you, the possibilities are almost endless. With proper maintenance and care, your water garden should last for many summers to come.

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