Pipe and Rope Fence

PVC pipe
Rope or clothesline

You have several choices when it comes to putting up a fence, whether to create a border around your house, or to keep in large animals. There are certain things that might influence your decision, like how costly the fence is, and how difficult it is to put up. Whether you’re in need of an inexpensive fence, or one that’s quite easy to get in the ground, opt for a pipe and rope fence. It’s cheaper than most any other fence, it’s easy enough for nearly anyone to do, and it looks good. It won’t keep small critters out, nor will it keep in a dog or a cat that wants to roam, but it will keep cows, horses, and sheep, from wandering out of the enclosure.

Really, no fence is cheap, but the pipe and rope fence is certainly one of the least expensive. With it being easy to put up, too, it’s a great choice for your yard or field. Purchase PVC pipe in 3″ diameter, and cut it, or have it cut, to a size that you need. Allow for the height that you want for the fence as well as a few inches that will go into the ground. Don’t go too high with the fence or it won’t be sturdy. A good height is 3 to 4 feet.

Besides cutting the pipe sections, you’ll need to drill holes in each piece, or have it done for you. If you purchase PVC pipe at a home improvement store you can often get a good deal on having it cut and/or drilled. Drill a hole on one side of the pipe, down a few inches from the end, and through the opposite side. It’s important that the holes be aligned perfectly. Add a set of holes in the middle of each pipe, and/or at the opposite end, depending on how tall the fence is. A tall fence might need three sets of holes; a shorter fence might need just one or two sets on each pipe piece.

Clothes line, rope, or strong twine is needed to string the PVC pipe pieces together. Start at one end of the fence, feed the rope through the bottom hole, and continue feeding it through the same hole in each pipe. Do that all the way around the bottom, around the center, and around the bottom.

The PVC pipe and rope fence isn’t fancy, nor does it tell everyone that you’re wealthy, but it does work to keep certain animals in or out of your yard. As fences go, it’s cheap and easy to put up, so go on to your local home improvement store, and enjoy your new fence for many years.

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