Plan a Vacation to American Fork Canyon, UT

Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains, American Fork Canyon is a wonderland for the outdoorsman and tourist alike. With the majestic Mt. Timpanogos standing watch, the canyon shares an otherworldly beauty that can’t be beat. Located just east of Highland and Alpine, American Fork Canyon offers several attractions such as Timpanogos Cave, Cascade Springs, and the Alpine Loop. It also provides many trails and camping sites for you to enjoy by yourself or with the whole family. With so much beauty and so many activities, you shouldn’t miss it.

Getting to American Fork Canyon is easy. Just take I-15 to the Alpine Highway, exit 287, and proceed east until you reach the mouth of the canyon. There is a small $3 per car fee to enter the canyon, but it goes to maintaining the canyon. It’s well worth the couple of dollars and it gives you a pass for three days. Season passes are also available.

There are many attractions to keep your interest. The biggest attraction is Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Perched high above the valley on the slopes of the awe-inspiring Mt. Timpanogos, the Timpanogos Cave contains three great caverns full of enough rock formations to make any rock hound’s day. The main attraction is the famous Heart of Timpanogos, a beautiful rock formation that is part of several legends about the mountain. Timpanogos Cave is a sight you shouldn’t miss. To take the cave tour it costs $6/person. This covers the cost of the guided tour and helps with the maintenance of the trails. The hike to the cave is quite rigorous, but if necessary the staff will provide transportation to the top. The path is paved, but quite steep. Remember to bring your water. The cave is open from June until mid-October when snowfall makes the trail impassable. If you get the opportunity, take advantage of this beautiful sight, you won’t regret it.

Another attraction in American Fork Canyon is the Alpine Loop, a paved, windy road that takes you over mountains and through Aspen forests. The views from this road are breathtaking as you wind your way through the canyon and over the mountains beyond. Along the way there are plenty of picture opportunities to take advantage of and trails to follow if you feel like getting out of the car for a bit. The drive takes about an hour and ends up in Provo Canyon. If you can, take the drive during fall before the snow falls. The colors of the leaves are breathtaking!

Toward the end of the loop you’ll find another of American Fork Canyon’s breathtaking sites: Cascade Springs. Nestled toward the Provo Canyon side of the loop, Cascade Springs is a series of pools and waterfalls surrounded by vegetation. It has several paved, easy, looping trails to follow, as well as bridges to take you over the springs themselves where you can. During the fall the paths are adorned with the riotous color of fall leaves that you need to see to believe. During the spring and summer there are a myriad of beautiful flowers for you to enjoy. It truly gives you the feeling of being in a fantasy world where you can sit and relax as you listen to the gentle cascading water. Great for a Sunday stroll or a day out with the family, Cascade Springs offers opportunities for all.

American Fork Canyon offers all of these attractions and so much more, whether you’re looking for a rigorous hike up the back of Mt. Timpanogos, fishing in Tibblefork Reservoir, or going off road on the many trails, American Fork Canyon is the place for you. Don’t miss all that it has to offer. It’s a must see if you’re in Utah and wanting to see a little slice of heaven.

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