Planet Dog Extends the Arm of Philanthropy

Planet Dog has launched its own foundation to honor therapy, Seeing Eye, and search and rescue dogs.

The foundation is a national, grant-giving, non-profit arm of Planet Dog funded in part by the sales of products.

All PDOG members receive ten percent off their entire order on until Feb. 28th.

The mission of the foundation is to promote and celebrate programs where dogs serve and support their best friend.

My friend Donnie who is going blind knows the importance of having a Seeing Eye dog that he recently had to have put to sleep.

“They tell me I’m going to have to have another surgery on my eyes,” said Donnie. “I haven’t gotten another dog yet. I had this one a long time.”

The foundation hopes to increase awareness, interest, and support nationwide of programs in which dogs help people and promote activities and programs that bring humans and dogs together in more beneficial ways.

The organization also hopes to build partnerships with local, national, and global organizations to carry out the mission of the foundation.

Planet Dog also strives to respond to emergency situations that impact humans and animals with the help of the foundation.

The foundation will also support and encourage like-minded organizations with product donations.

In 2000 Planet Dog founded Plant Dog Philanthropy, a 501�© (3) grant-making organization with an agenda to fund creative and effective programs for the environment, animal welfare, and education.

Since 2000 the philanthropy programs have awarded 21 grants totaling more than $75,000.

Last year The Linkage Project – Youth Alternatives in Portland, ME was awarded $5,000 from the program. Linkage can be found at

In 2005 $5,000 was also given to the Planet Dog Emergency Pet Care Fund in Boston, MA for the ETHOS program to assist seniors and disabled adults to live safely and comfortably at home. Their website is

Two years ago Animal Friends for Education and Welfare in Highstown, NJ was awarded $2,000 to promote adoption and proper placement of homeless and domestic animals through careful screening. The Foundation also supports their spay/neuter program.

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