Play Coin Crafts Make Great Children’s Gifts

You can purchased large packs of fake money at dollar-theme stores and do all types of crafts that are impressive and fun. Use the fake dollars for things like wallpaper borders, or wall stickers but the coins make even better crafts.

Use an oven mitt to hold a small nail and heat the end of it. Push it through the plastic coins, at the top, to make a hole. Hang the coins on charm bracelets, neck chains, or as a key ring. You’ll find all sorts of tiny hardware, for making all sorts of jewelry, when you visit a craft department. Post earrings made from small plastic coins are cute for little girls. Purchase the post earring type that has a flat metal piece on front to make coin attachment easier.

Make dangling coin earrings by threading different lengths of fishing twine or thread through wire earring hardware. Spread glue on one coin, position it against the twine with the twine in the center of the coin, then place another coin on the opposite sign. Push the two coins together and the thread is trapped in the center. Continue doing this down the length of each thread. Make matching hair clips by purchasing the clip hardware and attaching the coins.

There are all kinds of quick and easy crafts to do with the coins. Glue them to piggy banks, a lamp, the center of a doorknob, or make your child’s initials on the footboard of his bed. Attach them to a child’s purse, use fabric glue to attach them to jeans, or string them together, using the earring technique, to make a pull-cord for a ceiling fan.

Bead curtains are generally made from, well, beads, but you can make a really cute one from the coins. Either use the earring method, trapping a string in between the row of coins, or use the hot nail method to poke holes before threading them all on to a long piece of twine.

Glue the coins onto belts, backpacks, flip-flops or even drawer handles. There’s no end to where you can place the coins for cute kids’ decor. And the coins are great for letting kids craft, too. Cut a length of stretchy cord and let kids attach the coins to make a doorknob hanger or rearview mirror hanger. They can glue the coins back-to-back with the cord in the center, leaving a loop at the top for stretching onto the mirror.

Instead of making crafts from the money use the dollars and coins as rewards for your children. Have a paper bag full of trinket gifts and let the child who earned the most choose first, the child who earned the next largest amount choose next, and so on.

You and your children will have fun making coin crafts and, as you make some of them, you’re likely to think of many more ways to use the coins. Look around at yard sales and discount stores for great deals on purchasing the coins, or just purchase them at a department store – they’re cheap and they give you plenty.

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