Playboy Playmates of 2005

Unsure of what might be expected, Hugh Hefner launched Playboy Magazine in December of 1953. By January of 1954, the intrigue and status of being a Playboy Playmate had begun with Playboy’s very first Playmate of the month, Margie Harrison. Fifty-Two years later Hef, the Playboy empire, and the prestigious title of being a Playboy Playmate are still going strong. Even those who brand these beauties as bimbos, sluts, or gold diggers must admit that these bombshells have much more brain than given credit for having. Prime examples of this would be the newest Playmates…The ladies of 2005!

Miss. January of 2005
Destiny Davis
5’5″ 110lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde

Miss. January is no exception to this. With her golden locks, and ambitions to enjoy life while expanding her mind, Destiny Davis is turned on by athletic and intelligent gentlemen who are kind know how to keep their ego in check.

Miss. February of 2005
Amber Campisi
5’6″ 127lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Amber Campisi of Dallas, Texas wins us over as Miss. February of 2005. A college student studying “Nonprofit Communication, Communication Research and Argumentation” this beauty’s ambitions are to someday run the family restaurant and pass it on to her own children in the future. This stunner would like to someday travel the world and settle down with an athletic, confident man, but you’d better be honest and trustworthy.

Miss. March of 2005
Jillian Grace
5’5″ 117 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Jillian Grace, better known to Playboy fans as Miss. March of 2005, plans to pursue modeling and acting, but dreams of someday creating a workout video. A good man that knows how to BBQ, make this beauty laugh, and knows what honesty is will bring this bachelorette to her knees. The best advice ever given to this blondebombshell was given by her mother and is quoted as “My mom always told me to strive for my dreams as though I could not fail; just have a backup plan.” It seems as though Miss. March took her mother’s advice.

Miss. April of 2005
Courtney Rachel Culkin
5’3″ 105 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde

Miss. April of 2005, Courtney Rachel Culkin is a saucy sports fan who hails from Long Island. A college student whose goals are to complete her education and pursue a career in the field of entertainment. Turn ons for this Playmate include a well educated and confident man. Turn offs are bad breath, disrespectful people and those who show off. To get with this tigress though, you’d better be a sports fan too. The New York Knicks and Yankees are on this beauty’s list of events.

Miss. May of 2005
Jamie Westenhiser
5’7″ 112 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Jamie Westenhiser proudly wears the title of Playboy’s Miss. May and sees a successful career in real estate in her future. Playing softball and tennis in her free time, it’s no wonder this beautiful playmate stays so thin. To woo this woman’s heart, you need to be a good looking and classy man who exudes confidence and honesty. Laziness, jealousy, liars, and fakes need not apply!

Miss. June of 2005
Kara Monaco
5’6″ 110lbs.
Hair: Blonde

Miss. June’s fairytale ending has yet to come true. Kara Monaco is still searching for her “tall, dark, and handsome” prince charming. This prince charming though must have a sense of humor and intelligence. Jealousy, liars, cheaters, and hairy men will turn this Playmate in the other direction though. The future Mr. Monaco had better be ready to travel, surf, snowboard, and catch a little one on one basketball with this charming beauty.

Miss. July
Qiana Chase
5’9″ 130lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Qiana Chase meets our expectations as Miss. July of 2005. A strong and ambitious woman who expects the same from those around her is quoted as being turned on by: “people who are sure of themselves and what they want out of life. I love ambition.” Arrogance tops this beautiful woman’s list of turn offs. Her favorite author is Maya Angelou and her dreams include someday owning as much property she possibly can.

Miss. August of 2005
Tamara Witmer
5’8″ 115lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde

Miss. August is yet another of Hef’s stunning beauties. Looking as though she just stepped off the beach, Tamara Witmer is the fantasy of what a California girl is. A good heart and mind are the only qualifications if you’d like to catch her attention. Some of Miss. August’s goals are to “leave this world better than I found it” , and to revisit “South Beach, Maui, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco.” She admits to having a weakness for a man on a horse and describes herself as stubborn, creative, and fun-loving.

Miss. September of 2005
Vanessa Hoelsher
5’6″ 120lbs.
Hair: Blonde

Vanessa Hoelsher takes the cake this month as Miss. September of 2005. Born in Atlanta, Georgia this “old soul” does charity work for animals, is a special events coordinator, and wishes to lead a “substantial life driven by purpose”. Confidence and humility turns this Playmate on, but a negative attitude, selfishness, and cell phones turn this woman off.

Miss. October of 2005
Amanda Paige
5’8″ 117lbs.
Hair: Blonde

Miss. October can be taken home to mother. This beauty, better known to family and friends as Amanda Paige dreams of attending law school and someday becoming a devoted wife and mother. She loves Virginia for its deep history and changing seasons among others and considers anywhere tropical to be the perfect romantic getaway. Lack of ambition, cheating, and arrogance will turn Miss. October’s head in the opposite direction and to get her looking your way you’ll need to be family oriented, intelligent with a sense of humor, and have a nice smile.

Miss. November of 2005
Raquel Gibson
5’4″ 110lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Miss. November is a stunning and down to Earth beauty that is most turned on by knowledgeable men that love their mother. Attention seeker’s , cigarette smoke, and laziness are Raquel Gibson’s biggest turn off’s. A self proclaimed computer and email nerd, this intelligent lady is studying to be a pediatrician, has already graduated from culinary art school, enjoys rollerblading, and an ideal date with this Playmate would be “just cuddling on a couch while watching a movie”.

Miss. December of 2005
Christine Smith
5’5″ 115lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Christine Smith can be seen serving VIP’s as a cocktail server and has modeled for some big name brands, but her newest venture is as Playboy’s Miss. December of 2005. This busy beauty aspires to become a successful veterinarian and is most attracted to men who are “comfortable in his own skin and excited by his life”.

Playmate of the Year 2005
Miss. December of 2004
Tiffany Fallon
5’6″ 115lbs.

And lastly, but definitely not least is the coveted title of Playmate of the Year. PMOY 2005 goes to Miss. Tiffany Fallon. As the playful and sexy beauty in Toby Keith’s “Who’s Your Daddy” video, and Playmate of the month for December of 2004, this beauty plans to continue working in the sports and entertainment industry. She is most turned on by sincerity, integrity, good manners and cowboy boots. Her turn offs include yelling, lying, and men in sandals. This down to Earth beauty most loves “the old fashioned way of being courted” and would be content with a date consisting of a football game, hot dog and nachos.

Each of these lovely ladies will have a fair chance at becoming 2006’s Playmate of the Year, but who wins the role is up to you! Be sure to visit and vote for your favorite lady, view photographs, interviews, and more. Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we were unable to post these beautiful and intelligent women here, but as always, you are welcome to visit them on the Playboy website. And as a parting gift and apology for leaving my faithful readers waiting…. A sneak peak at our newest Playmate of the month…

Miss. January of 2006
Athena Lundberg
5’6″ 119lbs.

The title of Miss. January of 2006 has been given to Athena Lundberg. This 19 year old blonde beauty hails from Mountain View, California and aspires to become a successful model so that she can one day help those she cares most about. Her ideal mate will need a strong libido, have a sense of humor, enjoy cooking, and have good hygiene.

I hope that each of you have enjoyed reading this and must remind each of you that a book cannot always be judged by its cover, or lack of in this instance and to be sure to visit Playboy’s website to find out more and place your vote for Playboy’s Playmate of the Year 2006! Don’t forget to order your subscription while browsing the site (the articles really are worth reading, many women would be quite surprised to find that men weren’t making up excuses to have the magazine). I am a fifth year subscriber now and am about to send out some photos so wish me luck and hopefully you’ll find me in your new subscription as a Playmate of the Month!

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