Playboy’s Girls of Myspace

Who are Playboy’s Girls Of MySpace? They are a chosen few in sea beauties that made MySpace a hit on the Internet. In February 2006, Playboy announced it was searching for the Women Of MySpace. has been know as a popular website for teens, music fans and the college community. To Playboy, it was another venue to reach their audience. For MySpace, it could result in more people signing for this popular young social networking website. While MySpace had no involvement in special issue, A google search lead me to Playboy’s MySpace page. When Playboy made the announcement, 600 playboy hopefuls sent in their photos. Of the 600 entries, only 9 Myspace women were chosen for this issue. Now, it’s time to name the lucky 9 to grace the June Issue of Playboy:

Jessica Difeo: 29 Year Old Model From Huntington Beach, CA. She enjoys ballet, dance, jazz, working out, cooking, mexican food, the scent of vanilla and the color purple.

Carrie Vaughn: 23 Year student from Huntington Beach, CA. She’s a student by day, bartender at night.

Jeska Vardinski: 21 Year Old Model from Fullerton, CA. She’s also on the cover of Rock Star Magazine.

Chantal Alexandria: 22 year old model from Los Angeles, CA. Her MySpace profile didn’t have any other info.

Betty Lipstick: Yes, that’s her real name! 21 year old model From San Francisco, CA. She lots of tattoos on her body. She was a cover girl for Varla Magazine, and she’ll appear in the next West Coast Choppers Calendar.

Heather Lutz: 27 year old Sales Account Manager from Reading, CA. She has no modeling experience, but she has lots of photos on her myspace account. She was interviewed by a Philadelphia TV station about her appearance in the magazine.

Brittany Fuchs: Originally from California, the 21 year old is a student/model from Annadale, VA. She recently won the Junkies Spring Break Tournament of Hotties Bikini Contest. She also have her own website

Ana Georgean: The 21 year old Chicago native. She’s currently engaged, and she has an active social life.

Heather Lynn: The Davenport, Iowa native is one of the 115 models featued in Hollywood Poker 2007 Model Search. Her MySpace page was very hard to find.

The Girls of MySpace issue is in stores and on Playboy’s Cyber Club(not work safe) for those who didn’t get of these lovely 9 ladies.

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