Playhouses to Make for Your Kids

Playhouses for kids can be made from many different things. And, once the playhouse is built, your child will have many hours of fun. Whether you live in a mobile home, a small apartment or a huge house you can still find room and suitable supplies for making a playhouse. More than likely, you already have enough supplies at home to make the playhouse.

Sheets can be used in many different ways to form playhouses. Take the most simple route and tie sheets together then hang them on the dining table. Make sure they reach the floor or it won’t be a proper playhouse. Hang sheets over four kitchen chairs or tie sheets together and stretch them across the living room. You can use clips of all sorts to secure the sheets to furniture: clothes pins, hair clips, chip bag clips, or even tape. If you don’t have extra sheets you can use yardage of old fabric instead.

There are many other ways to build a clubhouse or playhouse for your child. Throw an old sheet over the clothesline and use plastic stakes to hold the ends in place. You can also put three or four poles into the ground and tie them together at the top. Throw a sheet over it to make a tepee. The poles can be made from old broomsticks, PVC pipe, or even small tree branches. Instead of a sheet you can glue, tape or nail cardboard to the poles to form walls so kids can color on them.

Section off a portion of a deck and hang sheets to form a playhouse. Tie sheets together and throw them over the railings. Fold one corner back to form the doorway. Use a couple of lawn chairs to make the place a little more homey – if you have enough sheets and space. Deck playhouses are fantastic because you can make them large enough to where you can crawl in and spend time with your child, too. The great thing about using sheets is they’re not bulky like a cardboard box and you can fold them up to store them for another day’s play.

If you’re a parent you’ve probably seen your child toss aside a present in order to play with the box. This is true of many children – they simply love places that are small, like themselves, where they can hide and have fun. They also love it when parents and older siblings come in to their little world – the playhouse world.

A cardboard box makes a terrific playhouse where kids can not only have fun but can scribble on the walls as well. You can find a really nice box by checking with home improvement or appliance stores. Their merchandise often arrives in large boxes and they’re usually willing to let you come and choose one to use for a playhouse.

Don’t go to great lengths to make the playhouse just perfect. Cut a door and a couple of windows out and you’re done. Make sure to leave the door and windows hinged in case kids want to close off the outside world. Kids can color the interior or exterior walls for even more fun. You can put two or more boxes together to build a house where kids can crawl from room to room. Make an entire village by using assorted boxes and connecting them or leaving them separate.

Your child will have so much fun with a playhouse that you’ll want to keep one around all the time. It’s inexpensive fun that encourages children’s imagination and makes them happy, too.

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