Plus Size Fashion for Teens: An Overview

Growing up as a plus size teen, I remember very well that I had a very hard time finding clothes which I liked which also fit me! I am sure this will sound very familiar to many plus size women all over the world.

Teenage years are rough and tough. You find yourself trying to figure out who you are, whilst also trying to fit in. The last thing any teenage girl needs is the extra hassle and the added feeling of being ‘different’ just because of body size and weight.

Wider shopping options
Thankfully times are changing and things are very well improving and looking brighter for plus size teens. There are many more curvy fashion options available to the plus size teenager, both online and in regular store you find at malls or on the high street.

1. Suggested option: Torrid
Perhaps you are lost and need a little guidance to find stylish plus size fashion for teens, then we suggest you start your search at Torrid. Being a store created exclusively to cater to the needs of younger plus size women, Torrid offers a very vast selection of fashion items. From casual tops, to formal dresses, to denim and also swimwear, this shop will prove to be a nirvana for all plus size teenagers.

2. Suggested option: B&LU
Although the selection of items found at this store could perhaps be described as a little narrow, the style and quality of fashion being offered at B&LU definitely make it a chart topping store. If you’re a teen looking to find something stylish and chic, definitely pay B&LU a good visit.

3. Suggested option: Sydney’s Closet
One definitely cannot comment on plus size teen fashion without mentioning Sydney’s Closet; the only store to cater exclusively to providing plus size teens with formal wear, gowns, bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses. Prom night is no longer that dreaded night as help is now at hand, with Sydney’s Closet delivering gorgeous gowns for curvy teens in the sizes they need.

Baby steps with the media
The media is also improving, if only slightly, at depicting a much more normal body image to our children and teens. Advertising campaigns, similar to the one Dove carried out, are greatly needed and should be encouraged if we want to remove the stereotype that one needs to be skinny to be beautiful. Plus size beauty pageants like Miss Plus America, and Mo’nique’s FAT Chance, again should become more commonplace.

The future does not look bleak at all for plus size teens. With several plus size fashion options already available, more exciting things will soon come our way. All I hope is that all these positive changes help young plus size women feel beautiful and happy with their image and body size.

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