Plus Sized Clothing for Teens & Young Women

If you’re young and plus sized, you know how hard it can be to find clothing that fits and that you want to wear. Years of searching through racks in department stores and looking at paisley blazers or bright red slacks have taught me that not many designers consider the needs ot someone younger than 50 when designing for plus sized women. Luckily there is hope, as some brave souls have decided to put out lines of clothing for the teens and younger women among us searching for plus sized clothing.

The first store I’d recommend hitting is Torrid. This store is completely tailored to women who are in their teens and early twenties, size 12-26. If you like rock or the unusual, goth or glam, this store has a lot of items you can use. Torrid carries full outfits, such as skirts and flouncy tops and ripped and frilly dresses. They also have shoes (some really neat ones), lingerie (including fishnets!) and rock shirts. Torrid is both a brick and mortar and online retailer, and it’s got a clearance section online, if you are brave enough to try these looks but don’t have a budget to spend on it.

Another great store is b&lu. This is a completely Internet based store, and it has lots to offer. b&lu carries sizes 14-30, and they have many of the same styles as Torrid, but they are just enough different to warrant mentioning. These styles are bold, laced-up corsets and tattoo-style t-shirts. Prices are fair, and the models on this site are not stick thin (also a good point for Torrid, plus sized models) so you can get some idea of what you’re going to look like in this type of wear. They also have a sale section, always a good place to start if you’re looking for a new look.

Many discount retailers (such as Target) have started carrying better selections of younger plus sized clothing as well. The great thing about shopping at Target is the price and availability. You can go right in and try on a pair of $20 jeans and see if they fit you, and if you decide to buy, you won’t be sorry about spending too much later. The only issue I have with Target and similar stores is that they rarely go above a size 24 in their styles, which can be a bit limiting for some people.

Finally, you might want a comprehensive site that will give you tips about dressing (and feeling) your age. After all, you want to look good and girly all the time! Visit Big Red Chair, where there are links to many more sites that cater to the younger shopper, and there are articles by women who have been there, done that. Get tips on what to wear and where to get it for cheap, as sales and discounts are frequently featured. Above all, be sure to be adventurous, and wear what you feel!

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