Podcast Advertising: Growing Media Helps Your Business Reach New People

Podcast advertisements are getting more and more common today with a significant number of people downloading podcasts regularly. In June of 2005 when Apple released the version iTunes that first allowed native podcast integration, Apple saw 1 million podcasts downloaded in only the first two days.

Those results prove that podcasts are:

Highly Popular

Although the large majority of computer users do not currently listen to podcasts, studies suggest that the number of people to be podcasting in the coming years will be astonishing. In fact, the number of podcast listeners is expected to hit 12.3 million by 2010 (Forrester Research).

Capable of Producing Action-Oriented Results

Just being able to download podcasts easily caused mass downloads of the free iTunes software. There was no large press push nor was there even a significant media announcement, but through mostly word of mouth (WOM) people found out that the new version was available and downloaded the software in unheard of numbers.

But, advertising on podcasts can be tricky. They are a new medium and their exploitation, for marketers, is dangerous and exciting.

Here are some tips for advertising on podcasts:

  1. Don’t be too long winded
    People know they can fast forward through your commericial easily, but because of the pure laziness factor, most people will not skip them unless they significantly interfere with user experience. Keep it short and to the point.
  2. Offer an incentive
    Consider a coupon code as an incentive. It allows you to track your ad buy AND encourages the user to take action.
  3. Make it entertaining
    You could sponsor a contest that is silly but memorable (like this one that’s a Pirates vs Ninjas debate). Of course you need to make it a good prize. The example podcast is giving away an iPod. That’s applicable to the site and something most people want but do not have.
  1. Make it lengthy
    Studies show most people must view an ad 8 times before acting upon it. Don’t expect too much from podcasts. Advertising is advertising, it’s not magic beans. Make your minimum contract 12 shows (12 weeks usually). Anything less than that is not fair to the podcast owner and is throwing away your money.
  1. Choose the podcast wisely
    Don’t choose a podcast without hearing it at least once yourself. You may find one with great numbers that is crude or derogatory to a subset of people. Just like all user generated content, you must make sure the podcast is something you want to tie your name toâÂ?¦
  1. Advertise your choice
    What better excuse to release a press release than to say your company is supporting user generated content AND emerging technology. And, be sure to place a link to the podcasts you support somewhere on your website. You’ll increase the ad’s reach and make it more effective.

Marketing with podcasts and advertising on them is tricky, but it’s really a great way to reach your users when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. Reaching someone at that time is much more likely to produce the results you want. Podcast marketing really sounds great.

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