The name of this poem is :”Holding on”
The pain that you see is the strength that move’s me.
The depth of the tear in my eye’s is the pain that set’s beyond the sky’s.
Look into me and you’ll see that my heart is the scene of a tragedy,
but the soul is the hand that holds on tight ,give’s my heart time to fight.
Keep’s me strong even in pain and tragedy I am able to move on.

I hope you liked this poem , it came directly from the heart!

“I wonder”
Some times I wonder what kind of person would I be if you did not live inside of me.
Would I be well mannered, smile and give love to those I see and live free of misery.
Or would I be hated by many , by the life I live and the untrue storys that I would give!
Some time’s I wonder
But at all times I am greatful for love in me.

“Through in Through
When I look at you it’s plan to see you are my destiny.
Through and through I look at you and see me in you.
Your thoughts are my thoughts and your way’s seem to be mine.
Although we are diffrent , were so much alike it’s hard to tell us from day to night.
Like morning when the sun arise ,I awake to see that the image in the mirror is the same
through and through ,I look at me but see you!

Hope that you enjoyed my peom’s

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