Poetry – Love Still

Love Still

I was there for you when it was hard to be
I loved you when you stopped loving me
I was your friend even when you said it was over
When you cried, I still offered a shoulder

You yelled at me, I never raised my voice
You left me alone, not giving me a choice
You lied and you cheated, when my heart was true
I might have been distant, but was faithful to you

What right do you have to be angry with me?
I wasn’t the one who asked you to leave
When you were hurting, I stood by your side
But when my heart hurt, alone I cried

I loved you the very best I knew how
When around me my world was falling down
I fought to keep our life together
Committed to my promise of “forever”

Now you tell me there’s somebody else
You use to fill the void inside yourself
Throw those images up in my face
How can I be so easily replaced?

Real love doesn’t ever let you go
So if you left so easily, I want to know
How should I believe you ever loved me
When I’m wrapped in the web of your deceit

You shared with another what should have been mine
And I trusted you so, a fool, I was blind,
To be who you always said you would be
The one who promised me you would never leave

But you left, you failed, you lied and betrayed
The one whose heart would have never strayed
For another who will break yours in two
When she finally fulfills destiny, will be untrue

Then where will you run, where will you go
When you destroyed all the beauty we used to know?
Will you expect me to bring it all back again
To be your lover again when you won’t be a friend?

I asked you once if I should wait
But I fear that question was a mistake
When you can’t even look me in the eye
And face the tears you made me cry

How could we possibly say forever
When we have no time to spend together
Because of the decisions that you made
When you gave up the fight, walked away

Why should I trust you, why should I believe
All the things you say, what you want me to see
When you are still lying to me and yourself
While spending your time with somebody else

The life that I offered, I still offer to you
The love, understanding, the dream come true
If you discard it now, you’ll regret in the end
And lose more than a lover, you’ll lose your best friend

You gave up once, and in spite of it all
I am still here to hold you, catch you when you fall
I won’t walk away until you tell me to go
There is much left to feel, much you still need to know

So lie to me more, if you feel that you must
Friend or a foe, I extend you my trust
If that makes me a fool, then so it will be
Betray me, claim me, or set me free

I haven’t forgotten, I will not let go
Of the promises made to you in my soul
Broken but bound to the vows that I made
Chained by the promises of the love betrayed

Still I am here and still I await
Destiny fulfilled, glorious fate
The bending and breaking of my will
Because deep in my heart, there is love still

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