Pole Dancing Fitness Craze

Is there a stripper inside of you clawing to be free? Then pole dancing may be the new fitness craze for you. Pole dancing is no longer just for strippers, but also soccer and P.T.A. moms, as well as middle-aged women are getting into the bump and grind of it all.

The fitness craze started taking off with the appearance of Supermodel Kate Moss in the White Stripes raunchy music video. One look at this video might have you concluding that Moss has no bones the way she slithers and ropes herself around the pole with only her legs at times to hold her up. As you watch this video and Kate’s moves along the pole, you might wonder if there is such a thing as pole burn. Whether there is or not, don’t be deter from this innovative way to stay fit.

Nevertheless, this is the new way to pole your body into shape. So, what will you learn in Pole Dancing 101? Consider the following:

Walk Around
With shoulders pulled back and butt and chest pushed out, hold the pole in the crook of your arm, and strut slowly and with confidence around the pole.

Hold the pole with one hand while straddling the pole between your legs, slowly bending your knees and arching your back while easing backwards until you can see the person behind you.

Hold the pole with one hand lean forward into the pole with your shoulders, push your butt out, move your stomach forward until it touches the pole. Next, pull your shoulders back until the pole is between your legs. This should be a slow smooth motion.

Leg Grip
Holding the pole with both hands, jump on the pole and grip the pole between your thighs, extend one leg while the other is still bent, and spin around the pole.

Reverse Hold
Grasp the pole with your hands and fully extend your arms over your head. Hook the pole in the bend of your right leg, and with feet crossed behind you, slowly and seductively spin around the pole.

These are the moves, but women have received much more than the execution of moves-they have become more confident and comfortable with their bodies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size two or a size twenty-two, size is no determiner of the sexiness of a woman. Her job in these classes is to build up enough confidence to allow that to flow through the moves of pole dancing.

Shelia Kelley reported to Clare Wigmore the following:

“The most erotic dancer I ever saw was a 250 pound Jewish girl wearing braces who as she got up to dance, she just floated. She was a real stripper. I was awestruck, dumbfounded by her beauty. This is when I realized that it doesn’t matter what you look like it’s about how you move your body. She was a big girl, but when those hips moved the men were riveted. She was beautiful for those few moments.”

In other words, size does not matter.

Also, age has no monopoly on sex appeal. Women as young as 25 and as old in their early to late fifties can still rock it with the pole.

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