Pool Frog

No, I’m not talking about the little amphibian that frequents ponds. The pool frog I’m referring to is manufactured by King Technology’s ( kingtechnology.com ). The company develops and manufactures water purification equipment that is eco-friendly for pools and spas. I found out about this system when purchasing our above ground pool this past summer, 2007.

Keeping harsh chemicals around the house is not something I wanted to do with children being present. Chlorine in any form, dry or liquid, can be dangerous, if not stored properly. I wanted an alternative and the Pool Frog system was my answer. There are a few others but this is what the logical choice seemed for me. Being able to sanitize the water, use less chlorine and soften the water. I only had to store one extra chlorine back pac, which is small enough to store on a shelf out of children’s reach, very easy to handle and doesn’t weigh a lot. There is more than one choice for your needs. Other types of systems sounded great but were rather costly. This was reasonably priced and easy to install myself, a total of 45 minutes, which includes buying, bringing it home and installation.

I purchased the system for an above ground pool which includes the cycler, mineral reservoir and chlorine back pac. The mineral reservoir lasts up to 6 months, a chlorine back pac usually lasts between 2 and 3 weeks, the cycler houses both of these units and has a dial to give precision level of chlorine delivered to your pool water. This system allows you to put in far less chlorine on a daily basis then conventional tablets or liquid because of the mineral reservoir. You can always opt for just an Instant Frog, if you don’t have the room for the cycler. This is a mineral reservoir that you would place in your skimmer; however, if your skimmer is small this will not work for you. There has to be sufficient water flow around the unit for your filter to work properly. They also make a product called Frog Bam, it is a liquid treatment you just pour in your pool around the surface and it treats the water for 90 days.

Installation of this system is so easy, all you need is a little plumber tape, screw driver for the clamps on your filter, and one 3 foot pool hose. This part of the project is pretty self explanatory so I will just touch on it briefly. The Pool Frog cycler goes between the filter and pool with flow always going towards the pool. Shut off your filter before you begin. Wrap plumber tape around both hard hose adapters and screw one into each side of the cycler. You should now have one piece of hose attached either to the pool inlet or the filter, this you would attach to one side of the cycler using a hose clamp then with the extra 3 foot hose you attach it in the appropriate place. The Mineral Reservoir should already be inside the cycler so all that has to be done is remove the red top of the chlorine back pac and install it, run some silicone lubricant around the rubber gasket and screw the top on. You can turn on the filter to check for leaks and if you have them tighten accordingly.

Take a look at the size of your pool, if you have a large pool setting the dial on a higher number will put more chlorine into your pool, smaller pool size a lower number. My pool is an 18 foot round so I started the dial at 2 1/2 . I ran the pool at this setting for 8 hours and then took a water sample to the pool store to see whether I needed to turn it up or down. I found that I just needed to go down a little. I took the dial down to 2 and did great all summer long. I used one chlorine back pac every 2 weeks at this setting.

I used the Frog Bam for algae, purchased that and poured it in as directed. The pool never turned any funny colors and never looked like lime jello.

This system made treating the pool water a breeze and used less chlorine than conventional methods or tablets and liquid chlorine. I can almost say it was set it and forget it, no muss no fuss approach to treating the water. Plus you didn’t come out of the water with the smell of chlorine on your skin, hair turning green either or kids complaining about their eyes burning.

On a side note; I wrote the company to let them know how pleased I was with their system and my testimony should be available on their site since they asked for my signed release.

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