Pool Pillows Made from Beach Towels

This simple Pool Pillows or Outdoor Furniture Cushions Made From Beach Towels can be made by anyone who can sew a straight line! The fun outdoor pillows would work well tossed on the ground around the pool or even in lawn furniture! Kids do not have to worry about getting the beach towel material wet and they can dry in the sun.

If you want to make these Pool pillows or Outdoor Furniture Cushions Made From Beach Towels for only one summer of use, then you could use a no sew product that holds after washing. Sewing is a better option though so your patio furniture cushions have a longer life even after they have been through the washer a few times.

To Make Outdoors Furniture Cushions Made From Beach Towels You Will Need:

Beach towels or terry cloth material from the fabric store

Cotton pillow stuffing

Sewing machine

Beach themed buttons, 2 for each cushion (optional)




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The first step is to measure the seats of the patio furniture that need covering.

Cut out two piece of beach towel fabric that are three inches wider and longer.

If you are making pillows to toss on the ground around your pool, then make them any size you want!

Now, lay the first piece of beach towel down on a flat surface face up. Take the second piece and lay it face down on the first. Line up the edges and pin them together.

Now, use your sewing machine to sew all three sides together. Just leave a small 3 inch opening on the fourth side of the lawn furniture seat cushion.

At this point you need to turn the seat cushion right side out.

Now, take some of the cotton pillow filling and start putting it inside of the seat cushion. Continue until the cushion is extremely overstuffed. Don’t worry; we are going to do something to flatten it out. You do wan tot overstuff the seat cushion though so it can hold up to being sat on.

Now, dew the small opening shut.

Now, take one of your beach themed buttons and place it in the middle of the pillow. Use a needle and the and attach it to the pillow.

Simply tie your thread off in a know and then slip it through the button hole. Press the needle through the terry cloth lawn furniture cushion and out the middle of the back. Now, while the needle and thread is out the back of the seat cushion, add another button on the back.

Loop the needle and thread through it, then push the needle back through the pillow, trying to line it up with the area the thread came through the first time.

Continue this process until you have tufted you seat cushion and the buttons feel sturdy!

You really can use any kind go button you want. A solid button or a beach themed button. This is a great way to tie in a bunch of different beach towel patterns and create custom chair cushions for your lawn furniture!

Click here for more ideas from Rebecca.

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