Pool Safety for Young Children

Many will take refuge from the blazing sun by spending time in or around the family swimming pool. While this is a wonderful way to spend a hot afternoon, precautions must be taken when small children are around. Here are some pool safety suggestions.

You should never leave a child unattended near a swimming pool. This may be common sense, but it bears saying. Sometimes it is easy to run in the house to retrieve a forgotten item, thinking you will be only away for less than a minute. Young children do not stay still and can easily get into a dangerous predicament in a blink of an eye. Young children are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them. Without supervision, a child can accidentally land in a dangerous situation.

Secure the pool area with a fence-especially if the pool is below ground. This will keep young children from getting into the pool unless an adult is supervising them. Young children can open doors and easily find their way to the pool. A secured pool with a fence keeps children out of danger.

Do not place outdoor furniture near the edge of the pool. Young children love to climb. Chairs can tip over and when they are placed near the edge of the pool can send a young child into the water.

Remove pool toys from around pool when not in use. Toys near the pool will only peak the interest of young children. They will try to go for the toys and might accidentally slip into the pool.

Do not rely on floatation devices as to keep kids safe in the water. Rings, arm wings, and other blow-up devices that float are fun to play with in the water. Never rely on one of these devices to keep your child safe. These pool things are fun but never should you rely on them to keep your kid afloat.

Think about enrolling your child in swimming lessons. Swimming lessons can teach kids how to handle themselves in the water. Swimming lessons also provide proper technique and a fun atmosphere to learn about swimming.

The family swimming pool can be loads of entertainment for everyone. The swimming pool can also provide a wonderful way for families to spend some time together. Take a few precautions to secure the swimming pool area. This will ensure a wonderful and safe time for every member of the family.

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