Popular Replacement Window Trends

Window replacements are still one of the top requested house renovations among homeowners. The FTC has even put together a shopping guide because of the popularity of this request. The economy does not seem to have had a strong impact on window replacements because businesses in this category have not been hurt as greatly as others in home improvement.

Improving Energy Efficiency

One of the most popular trends to replace windows continues to be a desire to improve energy efficiency. Energy Star lists savings of $126 to $465 a year by replacing windows, and many homeowners turn to a window exchange service to save even more money. Although the actual amount of money saved will vary greatly based on the house and location, the averages from Energy Star provide a reasonable amount. Energy efficiency tax credits have also played a significant role in this trend.

Improving Style

Another trend that has stayed popular is the homeowners’ quest for improving style. Many are turning to windows with narrow jambs and different materials. There is growing movement to update the style of the house by replacing windows instead of simply repainting them. However, one trend that has not changed is matching the windows to the trim of the house.

Improving Function

Improving function is often cited as a reason to replace older windows. The new windows currently on the market have features that older generations lack. Replacing a single-pane window with a double-pane window helps lower utility bills. John Lala has mentioned that “a double-pane window with low-E glass with a vacuum-sealed argon fill” is one of the most popular requests. In addition, UV coatings for windows are often requested because they protect from the sun. The FTC recommends evaluating a window’s U-factor that measures the amount of heat lost and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) that measure how much heat enters.

Improving Privacy

Some homeowners are focusing on improving privacy by purchasing windows with built-in shades or other features. Either blinds or shades can be installed between panes of glass and operated on the outside. Manufacturers have started to provide multiple color and textures choices to fit everyone’s taste. However, built-in privacy is not the only feature that is popular. Smart glass technology allows windows to automatically get darker in sunlight and brighter in cloudy conditions. The technology resembles transitional lenses, but it improves upon this concept with better control. Homeowners have many choices to make their replacement window projects unique.

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