Power Tools: Back to Basics

Computer programming and imaging software are redesigning power tools for the home. Alec Rivers, a PhD student at MIT has created a prototype for a small saw that makes precision computerized precision cuts, eliminating the possibility of human error. These new and improved power tools have tiny cameras, motors and video screens which are coordinated by software to make accurate cuts of varied depths and lengths. Much like a GPS, the saw is watched on a screen by the user, rather than staring at the actual saw.

However, while these types of miniaturized CNC machines are more practical for the dedicated hobbyist rather than the typical DIY home fixer. Most power tool users focus on making the most basic repairs to their homes, while this new technology is for more detailed woodworking. For now though, hand tools users will continue to improve their lives with simple and durable power tools.

Unlike the specialized equipment of cutting-edge technology, traditional power tools offer unparalleled versatility. Neiko Power Tools‘ assortment of bits, for example, ensures that the tools can be used repeatedly for different projects, ranging from home improvement to industrial construction. Furthermore, air cutting tools and air nailers can adapt to a multiplicity of materials from metals to wood, which makes them ideal for industries such as boat building or Do-It-Yourself projects.

Despite the manpower required to use these power tools, the standardization and reproducibility of power tools ensures that damage to the product can be easily fixed. By replacing grinder wheels and sanding belts, the lifespan of a tool can be extended much further than the lifetime of a custom, high-tech cutting machine. In addition, the simplicity of these power tools guarantees that anyone will be able to use them, regardless of skill-level or actual intellect. In this way, power tools enable efficient construction by allowing unskilled assistants to speed up the chain of production.

While pre-programmed power tools may become the future of the construction industry, the simplicity, versatility and manageability of Neiko tools confirm their spot on top for the foreseeable future.

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