Prayer is Very Powerful

Have you ever longed for something and never got it ? Try a small prayer….it works, trust me! It doesn`t matter whether you know God personally or not, you will get an answer. Through prayer, things have changed for me in a matter of seconds….and the best part of praying is, you ony need to believe that, whatever you are asking for, you will get. That`s it….BELIEF! Believe that you are talking and asking God for something…..of course, He already know what you need but, unless you turn to Him, let Him into your heart and ask Him like a little child asks his parents, you will never know the wonder of prayer. Today, everyone is talking about nuclear power and weapons….this is NOTHING compared to the power of prayer. Everyone is searching for peace…..this cannot come about unless we ask `PRAYER` to intervene. No force in the world can match the power of prayer.
Lets face it……MOST EVERYONE PRAYS…..BUT, HOW MANY BELIEVE? This is something we need to ask ourselves….”do I believe when I pray ” OR is it just a daily routine to say prayers….you know, just one of those things we do daily as a routine?
I`ll share something with you….when you pray and believe that you will get what you asked for, this is called Faith….and when we have Faith, we can move mountains through prayer. But Faith is not alone…..there needs to be Action too, and without this, everything is lost. The formula is FAITH + ACTION = SUCCESS!

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