Prepare Your Child for the Transition from Elementary School to Middle School

In a parents mind it may not seem like a very big deal, but for a child to leave elementary school it really is. There are going to be a lot more challenges that they have to face. You will also have to take into consideration that they will probably be very nervous about being the new kid in a huge school. In most schools around the country middle schools have a lot more grades under one roof than elementary schools. There is also the fact that the teachers are a lot more strict. The after lunch recess that they were once used to is gone. Recess is now going to be a lot shorter, and the work a lot harder. But there are several things that you can do to brace and prepare them for this harsh reality.

First your child should be able to see the school. Most schools have some type of orientation where your child can tour the building and begin to familiarize themselves, with their new school. You will also want to avoid trying to sugar coat anything. Tell her the truth about what to expect, and what she will probably face. Middle school is where most kids are introduced to drugs and sex for the first time.

They may have previously heard about it, but this will probably be the first time they come face to face with it. There will also be a lot more bullies that they will have to deal with. When it comes to trying to prepare your child for the large amounts of school work and homework that they will have to do, you will definitely need to do some research. First try searching online for information on what middle school children (usually children in grades 6-8), need to know. Some schools now have their own websites set up that provide this type of information.

You should be able to find books that your child can read, as well as activities that you can do together. Of course you do not want to make it all work and no play. Try just spending an hour a day during their summer break either reading or some other type of activity that will challenge them. This way the first marking period in school will not be so difficult for them. They will be ready and prepared to face any obstacles or challenges that comes their way.

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