Preparing Your Birth/Labor Plan

There are few things more exciting than receiving your baby’s due date. Even though the baby’s due date is only an estimation of your baby’s birth, the date can serve as a guide for delivery preparation. Being properly prepared for the big day is a great way to ease anxiety that may occur from thinking about all of the factors that are not in your control.

There are many things that you can do to make baby’s arrival much more manageable.


A birth plan is a written outline of your preferences during labor and delivery. Important topics such as pain management, labor positioning, and post partum care can be addressed in the birth plan. The birth plan can be as detailed as desired. You can even develop an online birth plan. The main idea is for you and your health care provider to be informed of your wishes for your labor.


There is no way to know the date or hour of your labor. Getting to the hospital or birthing center in a timely and efficient manner is optimal. In larger cities, traffic jams can be an issue. You can plan alternate routes to coincide with the needed time. Mapping and practicing the route(s) can lead to much less worry on the big day.


You may not be willing or able to fill out the necessary forms upon arrival. Your partner may not be able to either. Depending on the time of day or situation, your partner may not even be in attendance. You will be much more focused on the forms if you’re not in labor!


You may not have time to pack your bag when the moment to deliver arrives. You may not even want to! It’s not highly recommended to pack your bags at the last minute for a planned trip. You want to be sure to bring all of your essential items with you to the hospital. This includes insurance cards, money, and toiletry items. This will make your stay more relaxed and comfortable. You should keep the bag in an easily accessible location.


The baby will also need things for the hospital stay and the ride home. While it is true that the baby will receive some items from the hospital, it may be important for you to include some of the baby’s new things. You should also keep this bag in an easily accessible location for the big day.


Having a baby will mean having much more equipment around the house. This added equipment can quickly lead to clutter. Before the baby is born is the best time to avert the messiness. Find places to store your baby’s things. You may even want to get rid of other items to make room for baby’s stuff. While following this step it is very important to remember that you are pregnant. Recruit helpers to accomplish this goal. You don not have to able to eat off of your floors!


Your new baby will consume a lot of your time and energy! It is a wonderful idea to have refrigerated and microwave meals on hand. There are many choices available including low calorie and low fat options. If fast food is an option, collect all of your favorite menus for ease of use.

The temptation to finish everything under the sun may be very great. You have the rest of your life to spend folding clothes and dusting. Find the time to make time for yourself. Whether it’s an afternoon nap or a trip to the mall, being relaxed prior to your labor will be one of the best investments you will ever make!

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