President Bush Recall Effort Must Begin Now

How long will it take before the majority of people come to realize what a significant minority of us realized years ago: President Bush and his crony-built administration are the most incompetent, worthless, criminal collection of out-of-touch losers ever to be put in charge of a civilized country!

This brain-dead recovering-alcoholic National Guard-deserter is incapable has yet to make a positive contribution to this country and yet still manages to retain a mysteriously strong loyalty among a bizarrely large number of citizens of this country. His complete ineptitude in responding to the Katrina disaster should stand as the last straw leading to his immediate removal from office.

First he gets into office by lying to the American people at every turn and getting his brother to fix the election in Florida. I live in Florida and believe me when I say that trying to figure out who is the smarter Bush brother is an exercise in futility. Let’s call it a tie: they are the dumbest brothers ever to make it past the position of dogcatcher in public service.

For the first nine months of his administration he went about systematically watching while the strongest economy in American history tanked without taking steps to do anything about it. (Like father, like son!)

This man who got re-elected partially by managing to convince people that they would be safer under his watch was, let’s not forget, the President in charge when this country faced its most horrific terrorist attack since the Civil War. He had NINE MONTHS in which to figure out that these terrorists were in the country and planning the attacks and he had NO IDEA. Well, he’s never had any idea of what’s going on around him anyway.

Immediately following the attack his idiots, I mean his advisors, immediately began planning on revenge on those responsible: Iraq. There was only one thing wrong: IRAQ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11!!!

Well, he wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop him. So off our troops go to fight a completely illegal and unnecessary war that hasn’t made the world safer for anyone but Saddam Hussein. Did he have WMDs? No. Did Bush know that? Yes. Did he tell us that Saddam has WMDs anyway? Yes. Is Bush the biggest liar ever to sit in the White House?


So, not knowing anything how to run a war since he sat out the Vietnam War first by getting into the National Guard through his daddy’s connections and then by getting out of that overwhelming responsibility so he could serve his country by helping with a political election in Alabama, Bush proceeded in record time turn Iraq into a quagmire from which US troops will return in less then two decades only through a bloody overthrow.

Bush’s record so far:
1) Depleting budget surplus and creating record deficits.
2) Overseeing an economy in which gas prices have risen from under a 1.50 to over 4.00 a gallon.
3) Overseeing an economy in which more jobs have been lost than found since he came to power.
4) Sitting in an elementary school classroom for seven minutes because he doesn’t possess the cranial capacity to answer questions without being prepared beforehand by his staff while all hell was breaking lose in America and thousands were dying and for all he knew planes were heading into buildings in every major city in America.
5) Sending thousands of Americans to their deaths in the cause of a completely unnecessary war justified by nothing but lies and more lies.
6) Appointing men with no experience at all in dealing with disasters to head up the agency responsible for dealing with disasters.
7) Cutting the budget for those measures which would have helped with the potential disaster New Orleans knew it was facing immediately after being shown a report that those measures were deemed critical to saving lives.
8) Sitting on his rich butt in Texas for two days while the Gulf Coast of America descended into hell.

There’s only one possible reaction to the continuing and never-ending pattern of response proving that George W. Bush is unfit to remain President and it’s not impeachment because his rich Republican buddies are in charge of that so we all know that’s not going to happen.

It’s time to organize a recall effort! It’s time for all those who voted for him to admit they made a mistake and it’s time for all those who voted against him to mobilize. This country cannot take one day more of Bush’s “leadership.” A few more months of this and we’ll all be a Third World country, not just the Gulf Coast.

If Bush is allowed to serve out the remainder of his term, the US stands a very good chance of going bankrupt and descending into complete anarchy. We’ve seen what happens to a city without leadership.

You better believe it could happen to the entire country. Why take the chance?

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