President Bush’s iPod

John Fogerty, the Knack and Alan Jackson are just some of the artists that you would find in the president’s 250 song iPod playlist purchased, legally, by his aide, Blake Gottesman.

Last July, the voluptuous Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, gave Dubya an iPod without knowing their father’s poor taste in music. The New York Times reported that he listens to it during his bicycle workouts to “help pump up his heartbeat.”

Now, since the president is a fan of John Fogerty, who is very anti-bush, and his iPod will hold 10,000 songs, it would be an honor for me to suggest ten more songs for a much better variety.

Beastie Boys, “In a World Gone Mad”

Eric Clapton, “Cocaine”

Outkast, “Bombs over Baghdad”

John Lennon, “Imagine”

Jimmy Buffet, “The Asshole Song”

Krayzie Bone, “Revolution”

Tupac Shakur, “Me Against the World”

Pink Floyd, “Brain Damage”

Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth”

George Thorogood, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”

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