Prevent Kidney Stones by Changing Your Diet

Kidney stones are almost as painful as having a baby. Some women may disagree and say kidney stones are worse. I have only had one case of kidney stones and that was enough to last me a lifetime. I have heard people say, kidney stones for a man, is as close as a man can get to having a baby. If you were like me, you were trying everything possible to pass the kidney stone.

Kidney stones can attack anyone at any given time, but oddly kidney stones show up the most in white males. Females around the age of thirty usually get their first case and males around the age of thirthy – five usually get their first case. Your chances are higher of getting another case of kidney stones if you have already had one. Over half the people who have already had one case of kidney stones, will have another case with in eight to ten years.

Medication is usually given to help patients pass the kidney stones and ease the pain. Some cases require surgery if the patient doesn’t pass the stones in a certain amount of time. According to recent studies, researchers say that by simply changing your diet, kidney stones can be prevented in some cases. Try some of these changes and tips to try and prevent kidney stones.

– Drink plenty of water and fluids. The more you urinate, the more you flush out stones causing minerals.

– Reduce your salt intake.

– Cut back on red meant, chocolate, black tea, beets, figs, ground pepper, and spinach. These are all rich in oxalates.

– Drink a glass of cranberry juice a day. Cranberry juice can help reduce urinary tract infections, which seems to play a role in stone formation.

– Don’t consume many diary products in a days time. More than six ounces of cheese and two quarts of milk a day is too much.

Oxalate is one of the building blocks of kidney stones. If you have had more than three cases of kidney stones, you should stay clear of black tea and green tea. These two teas contain high amounts of oxalates.

If you think you maybe having a case of kidney stones, you should really make an appointment with your family doctor as soon as possible. Your docctor can give you medication to help you pass kidney stones and also help relieve your pain. Kidney stones are very painful and can last for a couple of days are more. If you have not experienced kidney stones, now would be a good time to change your diet.

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