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Have you ever had a word file or other document that you wanted to be displayed in a nice way that and the content was protected? A great way to make documents content protected is to make it a PDF file. This is great if you own the Adobe sweet and have the capability, but the adobe sweet isn’t cheap and it takes time to learn how to use it. Well don’t worry because there is a totally free utility called Primo PDF that will convert nearly any file into a PDF file, and the best part is that Primo PDF is totally free to you!!

You can get your copy of Primo PDF. (V2.0) at their website, it’s a free download and you can install the program and use it when ever you want. Primo PDF. (V2.0) Is a full version of the program, no trial bull crap versions that will drive you crazy wanting money later on once you like the program. Another plus to Primo PDF is their website, it doesn’t have ads, no pop-ups, and you don’t have to register to get their product. I would love to hear from anyone who can find a site that provides such a high quality product for free that doesn’t at least require you to register to get the program.

Primo PDF is a free PDF converter; it takes nearly any application and converts the contents into a PDF file. Within minutes you can create high-quality PDF’s by converting from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and virtually any other printable file type. It’s great for locking content and making any file un-editable. You can use this product and to make your files into a PDF which you can use for virtually anything. You can use it for web content, an EBook, prepress, or anything else you can imagine.

Once you download and install the Primo PDF it basically it emulates a printer on your system and will now be listed as one of your optional printers in the print area. When you want to create your file into a PDF all you need to do is select the print option, when it comes up you have the option to choose your printer, the option is called PDF Creator. Once selected then you will be walked through the steps of the program, which are basically naming the document and then clicking save. There are other options you can choose but the basic steps are just to name the file and then click save it will then save your file in PDF format.

Primo PDF suggests that Windows 98 users download the older version of the program (version 1.0). You can get that version at (, follow the download steps, then install the program and start creating files.

Well get your copy of the Primo PDF and start making your files into PDF’s. I hope you can find this program and use it affectively. It’s fairly easy to use and the website gives you a lot of information on the program and how to use it. Good luck with all your PDF printing and hope that you are successful in all of your file needs.

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