Processor War: AMD Versus Intel

Normally you would compare the two in gaming situations. We are going to do that but we are also going to add a few extras in it. Intel has been the “leader” in processors forever. AMD has never even came close to producing what Intel has produced. Many gamers though like AMD processors. Why is this? Well, it is quite simple. Gamers look for power which AMD provides splendidly but don’t need any of the extras. Whether you are paying for the name or just looking to go out and purchase a computer for your needs than maybe AMD wouldn’t be so bad. I’ll tell you all why AMD has it’s flaws, and Intel too.

One thing people hate in a computer is it overheats. Many people believe the fan helps this problem but it doesn’t always. A fan can only do so much. The processor on the other hand can be the main cause for overheating. AMD has had this problem in the past and they have worked on it greatly. With AMD’s older chipsets they would run and shut off from time to time. One thing that has recently put AMD all the way in the back is Intel’s Hyper Threading Technology. AMD really couldn’t compete with that feature that Intel introduced because they were always focusing on how they can make a “better” chip than Intel. We tested an AMD Athlon XP3200+ and it didn’t even come close to an Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHZ processor. Now… That is a bit unfair I know so we put the AMD Athlon XP3200+ up against an Intel Pentiem 4 3.0 GHZ and it still couldn’t keep up with it. What is the problem with AMD? It doesn’t maximize as many processor resources and it doesn’t handle multiple programs very well. RAM in a way helps out but AMD focuses mostly on there processor to do the dirty work. This is another reason they overheat more than an Intel chip.

We move on to Intel now. They just keep getting better and better and better. Will it ever come to an end? We think not. They know they are better than AMD because they have the technology to be better. With Intel’s Pentium 4 with HT Technology alone they can blow AMD out of the water. HT allows the Pentium Processor to produce more information and allow programs to run more efficiently. Intel also throws on a fan that cools off the processor even more than it already does by itself. Intel’s new chipset the “Xeon” is a dual core processor that boost’s performance for business applications. The Xeon also reduces power use by a lot. Is the Xeon going to be used for gaming? I’m sure eventually, but many people might want to stick with P4 with HT Technology. These processors are still going and at 3.4 GHZ how can you go wrong? We have bragged about the Intel’s chipsets now we will send some of the bad news over to you. With a great chipset like this comes a very high price range. We aren’t talk a couple of hundred dollars either. On average if you purchase a P4 3.4 GHZ with HT Technology or a Xeon Processor you will spend between 4 and $1200.00. AMD splits it cost more than half which is why they are still in business. Intel make a 3.8 GHZ processor with HT Technology. This is a great processor and it does everything you need. We think the 3.4 GHZ is good enough but if you want to spend over $800.00 on it go ahead. The Xeon goes for at least $1000.00. This is the cost of some computers folks.

Although it isn’t certain, it is very possible that AMD might have seen the last of there days. I am not a big fan of AMD and never really was. I have always had an Intel chip and have had no problems with them. Then again I could be wrong. AMD could turn around and start producing like they used too. The fact of the matter is if you are a gamer and have a strict budget AMD is fine to go with. They are cheaper and can play most games. Make sure you have your system cool enough though. All in all if your willing to spend the money, go with Intel. They will not let you down.

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