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Loan Site Plus is a free mortgage website dedicated to providing mortgage loan professionals access to website management and marketing tools. This web site allows different options for its clients, but has a Loan Originator option that allows for free set up and reasonably priced monthly hosting costs. This option provides an extensive set of tools for mortgage professionals.

For a free mortgage website, Loan Site Plus offers a great deal of long term client management tools, giving mortgage professionals control over communications from client leads through the life of a mortgage loan. Clients can control maintenance of their web site, giving them greater response time to any technical problems that may arise. As well, those in the mortgage loan field can send out newsletters, manage contracts, and expedite the online application process in conjunction with various types of mortgage software.

The reason why Loan Site Plus is such a boon to the mortgage industry is that it is incredibly simple to use and professionals can set up automated communications. In the process of finding leads, professionals can set up refinancing and debt consolidation notices to potential clients. Following loan approval, CRM tools also allow timely communication of after loan information. The most impressive thing about this free mortgage website is that it provides actual templates for website design and for CRM tools, giving potential clients of the site plenty of options.

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