Product Review: As Time Goes by Season 1 and Season 2 DVD Box Set

As Time Goes By is one of my favorite Brit Com series. This series chronicles the rekindling of the relationship between Jean Pargetter and Lionel Hardcastle. They were lovers 38 years earlier, however, because of a lost letter they lost touch when Lionel went to serve in the Korean War. This fun and romantic series has nine seasons that follow the development of friendship, love, marriage, and family. This series can be seen occasionally on BBC America as well as on Saturdays on many PBS stations across the country. However, you can also buy Seasons 1 through 9, plus their reunion special on DVD.

Review of As Time Goes By Season’s 1 and 2 DVD Box Set

The first DVD box set that was released for As Time Goes By was a two disc set that contained both season 1 and season 2. There is no bonus material offered in this set, but you get all six episodes of season 1 on disc 1, and all seven episodes of season 2 on disc two. You also have the option to watch an individual episode or to play all of the episodes in order.

Episodes on Disc One

As mentioned above disc one contains all of the episodes from season one. These episodes in order are: (1) You Must Remember This, (2) Getting to Know You – Again, (3) The Copper Kettle, (4) Surprise, Surprise, (5) Relationships, (6) The Picnic. My favorite episode from this season is episode four Surprise, Surprise. This is the episode that Jean takes to train to see Lionel’s lecture, only to find he has made sleeping arrangements with a lady friend. The sparks really fly when Allister takes a fancy to Jean and tries to seduce her, while the Head Master of the University where Lionel is lecturing tries to seduce Jean’s daughter. It really is a wild game of creative partnering. The only real draw back to this season is that some of the scenes are lit poorly, making lighting continuity and picture clarity an issue in episode 2. These lighting issues were almost completely worked out by season two.

Episodes on Disc Two

The second disc contains all of the episodes from season. The episodes of season two in order or airing are: (1) White Hunter, (2) A Weekend Away, (3) Visiting Rocky, (4) Why?, (5) Misunderstandings, (6) The Cruise, and (7) The Book Signing. My favorite episode from this season was episode three Visiting Rocky. This is the episode that Lionel took Jean to meet his father in the country. The introduction of the Rocky character and the Mrs. Bale character really enhanced the richness of this series.

Where You Can Get As Time Goes By Season 1 and Season 2 DVD Box Set

Because of the popularity of this series there are a lot of places that you can buy this DVD box set. I personally bought my set from Columbiahouse for $27.97. This is a pretty good price considering that this set retails for $39.98. You can also purchase this set through the BBC store,,,,,, and DVD World Online. To find the best price for this set make sure that you include the shipping cost in your price comparison. If you purchase your DVDs through Columbiahouse you can reduce the amount of money you spend on this set by using FunCash, and/or waiting for free shipping offers.

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