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The market for school house and student furniture is pretty competitive these days, with the combination of online and in-person shopping sometimes overwhelming to the average school administrator, teacher, or parent. One particular website that offers not only excellent prices for a wide range of furniture and accessories for the class room but great service is, which can be found at The most noticeable strength of this website is the vast inventory of products from Biz Chair available for shipping at any time to anywhere in the United States.

Categories of significant interest for those who peruse Biz Chair’s extensive selection are chairs, desks, and chalk/dry erase boards. Aside from the standard fair of folding and student chairs, Biz Chair offers a variety of stools, stackable chairs, and seating for teachers and administrators in a variety of colors and materials. The selection of desks at Biz Chair’s web site is far too extensive to mention here, but they offer hundreds of different styles of desk for students and teachers. As well, one of the most important tools for teachers, the chalk or dry erase board, is given its own extensive section on the website. This is not a comprehensive list of items offered on the website but Biz Chair also offers all of the furniture and room design accessories that a student or teacher could want or need.

In addition to the product inventory offered by Biz Chair, the prices for desks, chairs, and the thousands of other products are competitive with other stores and websites. However, no other web site offers free shipping on most of its products, including big products like dry erase boards and student desks. In addition, Biz Chair has a great customer service system available Monday through Friday that can aid with any shipping issues, group pricing, or questions about assembling ordered products. For school administrators, parents, or teachers that are looking to upgrade their class room or office space, there is no peer to Biz Chair.

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