Product Review: Coleman Queen ComfortSmart Quickbed with Pump

When people first walk into my small 500 square foot studio apartment the first thing they normally say is something like, “You sleep on that thing?” pointing to my Coleman Quickbed on the living room floor (or the bedroom floor depending on how you look at it).

When I first moved into this apartment I knew size was going to be an issue. I had a choice to make. I could bring in my queen sized regular bed, which would take up most of the living/bedroom and never be moved, or I could get an airbed and deflate it if necessary giving myself more room.

I went with the airbed.

A quick trip to the local Wal-Mart ended up leaving me with the Coleman Queen ComfortSmart Quickbed with Pump. The $25 price tag sold me.

I took it home and popped four C batteries (not included) in the pump. The bed was inflated in less than two minutes. The pump is about as loud as a small vacuum cleaner, so inflating the bed in the middle of the night might not be appreciated by your neighbors.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Coleman Quickbed is that it is surprisingly comfortable. Maybe even more comfortable than a conventional bed. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

Then, at about 3am I woke up, very cold. Since there is no insulation in the bed (you are sleeping on air after all), the air in the bed can get quite cold. I quickly threw a comforter on top of the bed and went back to sleep. The comforter did the trick and is still there to this day. I have not woke up once due to the cold air again.

But what about inflating it? Isn’t it a pain?

That’s what I first thought when I decided to buy the Coleman Quickbed. I had images of myself filling it with air everyday to keep it inflated… but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Staying inflated is where the Coleman Quickbed really shines. In nine months of having this bed on my floor (which I have ironically never moved), I have only had to add air twice! Once after returning to my apartment after being away for a week due to an ice storm that left my apartment without electricity and a temperature of 24 degrees and again when I just thought it could use a little more air.

In short, the Coleman Queen ComfortSmart Quickbed is a steal for anyone looking for a quality airbed that doesn’t need constant attention. Just fill it, leave it, and sleep on it.

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