Product Review: Copic Multiliner

Copic Multiliner pens are a high quality technical pens that use high quality achival ink. The pens come in two versions. SP (refillable) and non-refillable. The biggest difference when comparing these pens to other high quality technical I.e. Koh-I-Nor Rapidograph, is the level of maintenance required to keep these pens up to speed. Essentially, they are much easier to keep in order and do not require routine cleaning. Refilling is also just a matter of snapping in a new ink cartridge. The tips are made of a hard plastic that does not scratch or tear weaker papers nor gets clogged from porous papers. The nibs are more durable than softer pens (microns, faber-castel pens) but may crack if you are too rough with the pens (not recommended for stippling). They also offer brush pens with the same archival ink quality and allow brush like effects and make it easy to vary line weight. At about one quarter the price of most technical pens these make an excellent choice for illustration.

The SP (refillable) pens have a durable metal body that can withstand just about anything that you can throw at it this makes them an excellent choice for the artist that put a lot of strain on their art supplies. I have traveled to and from school with these pens and have occasionally left them in my car and have not had a problem with them leaking (though I do not suggest that you do this yourself). This a very rugged pen that will continue to perform when needed.

Like most things, Copic pens are not perfect. One main drawback I have found is that the brush pens tend to splay at the ends with frequent use. This can become frustrating after getting use to achieving fine detail with the sharp point that the brush originally has. The fine tips (0.03 – 0.1) will wear down fairly quickly if you tend to use a rougher paper. Copic Multiliners tend to be best suited to fine illustration and tend to disrupt ink flow when fast sketching but keep in mind that they were designed for pen/marker paper.

Copic Multiliner Sp pens are my first choice when choosing a pen for drawing. They were made to resist bleeding when used in conjunction with Copic’s alcohol based markers and do an excellent job of living up to this claim, as long as you allow them to dry.

I enjoy these pens because they can survive the rigors of going to and from school on a constant basis. I have never had a problem with a pen leaking. With a hard metal body they are tough and durable but will deliver a steady consistent ink flow and line every time. They work on a multitude of paper types, meaning I can easily go from rough to smooth paper without worrying to much about clogs or breaking a tip. The non refillable versions of these pens are equally as good substantially cheaper and are disposable. This makes Copic multiliner an excellent choice for many professional artist, and students

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