Product Review: Dewalt DW718 Compound Miter Saw

If you need a compound miter saw for your workshop, then you should look no farther than the Dewalt DW718. The compact design offers everything a home woodworker or contractor could need. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered in this miter saw.

The Dewalt DW718 features a 15 amp motor that is capable of running at 3,600 RPMs. The powerful and durable engine can easily slice through 2-by oak. Also, Dewalt’s new belt-drive and gearbox design increases vertical cutting capacity even more.

The Dewalt DW718 also has an adjustable miter detent plate made from stainless steel. The detent plate features 10 positive stops at 0, 22.5, 33.9, and 45 degrees both left and right. This enables you to flip the saw without needing to flip the material that you’re working with. This will surely increase your cutting accuracy and productivity.

The compound miter saw also has a tall sliding fence combined with a machined support. The height of the fence can support up to 6 5/8 inch crown molding and 6 1/2 inch base molding vertically against the fence. The sliding fence used by the Dewalt DW718 will also slide out of the way easily when you need a bevel cut. It’s capable of sliding from 0 to 48 degrees in both directions.

The Dewalt DW718 also features twin horizontal steel rails complete with linear ball bearings and a clamping mechanism. This ensures that the tool is one of the most accurate and durable that you’ve ever used. The saw can also miter 50 degrees to the right or 60 degrees to the left in order to increase capacity.

The tool also comes packaged with a carbide blade, vertical material clamp, and blade wrench. Also included is a dust bag so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up all of the generated sawdust.

The sliding function of the Dewalt DW718 increases overall weight, which will slightly decrease portability. With the sliding function, the tool weighs a hefty 53 pounds. However, the handles that are built into the body of the saw will provide a wide, secure grip so that you can carry the weight around easily.

The Dewalt DW718 is designed to be used with Dewalt’s adjustable miter saw laser system. This system will provide a visible cutting path while using the miter saw. Therefore, you should consider buying the two in a package.

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