Product Review: Hamilton Beach True Air Plug Mount Odor Eliminator

While I strive to maintain a clean household, sometimes I wonder if it truly smells clean. You know, just because YOU think it smells clean doesn’t mean visitors will feel the same way. You spend a lot of time in your own home, and you naturally get used to the smell of it. That’s why, when I saw a reasonably-priced compact air freshener, I decided to buy it and give it a try. Read this Hamilton Beach True Air Plug Mount Odor Eliminator product review and find out if it really works!

Product Description
I bought my Hamilton Beach True Air Plug Mount Odor Eliminator at my local Big Lots for six dollars. This same device is also available at for between $15.99 and $34.99, regular prices, depending on what specific model you choose. Mine also has a built-in night light. The replacement carbon filter regularly costs $9.99, but I found that on sale on the Internet for a mere $3.99 each.

According to the package, this odor eliminator neutralizes kitchen, smoke, pet and bathroom odors- some of the worst smells in a house. The carbon filter lasts up to four months, depending on “usage and household conditions.”

The unit housing is made of hard white plastic and measures approximately 6-1/2 inches long at its longest point, is 5-1/4 inches wide at its widest point, and is about 2-1/2 inches deep. It weighs about one pound. As I said, mine has a built-in night light on the top. It also has a “filter replacement” indicator on the front.

I liked the idea of this portable, plug in odor eliminator. Just plug it in, turn it on, and it would immediately go to work removing nasty odors from the air. Once I removed it from its package it was ready. So, I plugged it into a standard 120-volt wall outlet and turned it on.

The pros of the Hamilton Beach True Air Plug Mount Odor Eliminator are:

1. The carbon filter is so easy to change, a three-year-old can do it. All you do is remove the front panel, take out the existing filter, place a new filter inside and replace the panel. It’s held on with two plastic clips.

2. It truly does eliminate odors from the air- see conclusion of this statement below…

The cons of the Hamilton Beach True Air Plug Mount Odor Eliminator are:
1. …if the device is placed within six feet of the offending odor. That means, it works well if you plug it in beside a litter box, in a small bathroom, (not anywhere where water can get splashed on it, though) directly beside your Uncle Charlie who smokes those two-bit cigars, or in your kitchen near the source of the odors you want to get rid of. But, there’s a warning in the owner’s manual that states “Do not use near cooking areas. This appliance is not intended to be used as an exhaust fan to remove smoke and grease resulting from cooking.”

And as for getting rid of any other smells in the room, according to the product literature, forget it! It ain’t gonna’ happen.

2. This odor eliminator comes in a variety of styles and models. I believe this particular model
is one of the largest. Its size and weight causes two problems: a) It completely covers an entire electrical outlet so that nothing else can be plugged into the second socket. b) You must have a newer, modern electrical outlet to plug this device into. Otherwise, it will fall right out onto the floor.

3. The product literature states the motor is “extra quiet”… I guess that depends on your definition of “quiet.” It kind of reminds me of a “white noise” machine with its “whooshing” sound. Could you sleep with it on? As long you’re not a light sleeper. Could you leave it on in a room and continue to have a conversation? No, it would be distracting. Would it drown out the sound of a nagging spouse or a crying baby? No, it’s not that loud.

4. You also cannot use the Hamilton Beach True Air Plug Mount Odor Eliminator in any unheated areas. And, if you buy one that has a built-in night light as I did, you’ll find out in the owner’s manual the light is “not serviceable.” Meaning, once it goes out, it’s out for good.

If you’re looking for an electric air cleaner to neutralize the odors in your house, write down “Hamilton Beach True Air Plug Mount Odor Eliminator” on a piece of paper. Then, draw a red circle around it and put a red slash through it to remind you not to buy it. I tried mine and found it so bad, that I returned it to the store.

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