Product Review: Hitachi EC119SA Air Compressor

The Hitachi EC119SA is an electric air compressor. It features a dual stacked tanks that offers a total capacity of four gallons. You can find the Hitachi EC119SA for an average price of $300. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this air compressor.

The Hitachi EC119SA is equipped with a 15-amp, 2.5 hp motor. The motor is designed for maximum durability and will also operate quietly. When operating at 90 PSI, the Hitachi EC119SA can produce up to 4.4 CFM of free air. The compressor features a locking regulator so you don’t have to worry about your tools not getting enough air pressure.

The Hitachi EC119SA is portable and useful when you need to move it around often. It only weighs 64 pounds, so it’s easy to carry. Also, the compressor is equipped with a two-handed handle so you can carry it around easily.

This air compressor is equipped with an oil-lubricated pump. The large-finned head pump features a cast iron cylinder. Also, the Hitachi EC119SA features a metal cooling fan that is designed to keep the pump cool during extended use.

The control panel on the Hitachi EC119SA is designed to offer maximum simplicity. The control panel also helps to protect the gauges and components. The Hitachi EC119SA is also equipped with a roll cage that helps to protect the motor and pump from getting damaged. For added safety, the unit also offers manual overload protection.

Another nice feature of the Hitachi EC119SA is the cord wrap. The cord wrap is designed to protect the power cord by keeping it out of the way. This air compressor is also equipped with rubber feet so that the machine can remain stable. The rubber feet also help to absorb shocks. In addition to the two factory-installed couplers, you are also given a bottle of synthetic oil when you purchase the Hitachi EC119SA.

If you need to run multiple air tools at the same time, then the Hitachi EC119SA will provide everything you need. This compressor is equipped with a 15-amp, 2.5 hp motor that can produce up to 4.4 CFM of free air. The Hitachi EC119SA only weighs 64 pounds and has a two-handed handle so that it’s easy to carry around. The unit also features a roll cage that helps to protect the pump and motor from getting damaged.

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