Product Review: KitchenAid Tools and Gadgets 17 Piece Set

After moving into my first apartment, I realized that I did not have anywhere near all of the kitchen gadgets that I would need to be able to cook properly on my own. I made a list of what I thought I would need and it ended up being quite long so I was worried about how I would pay for everything. I decided to check out Target to see what they had to offer and found the KitchenAid Tools and Gadgets 17 Piece Set. This set saved me a lot of money because it only cost about $40 rather than the $70 or so I would have spend had I purchased all of these things individually.

The set is made of steel and black plastic. I think it looks stylish and more expensive than it actually was. The pieces are high quality and have survived better than I had expected. Before I bought this set, I was embarrassed of the random old kitchen tools that my mother had given me since she didn’t need them anymore herself. Now, I am proud to be able to cook when other people are around.

The set comes with a whisk, grater, two large spoons, a spatula, tongs, a vegetable peeler, can opener, measuring cups, and measuring spoons. The whisk is great for when I want to bake because I do not have a mixer. I am able to mix up cake batter quickly and easily. I use it to make scrambled eggs and omelets as well. The grater is very sharp and sturdy. I use it to grate carrots for salad and cheese for pizza and other things. It has held up very well which I did not expect. There is a large spoon with draining slots for serving things in water. The plain large spoon is good for stirring macaroni while it cooks and serving other foods like mashed potatoes. The spatula is easy to clean which my old one definitely was not. Even scrambled eggs do not stick to it. The edge is very thin so it gets right under whatever you need it to. The tongs come in handy for serving spaghetti and salad or grabbing ears of corn out of the boiling water. The peeler is sharp and comfortable to hold for long periods of time. I like the can opener even better than the electric one my roommate has because it never fails to completely open a can. The measuring cups come in �¼, 1/3, �½, and 1 cup sizes. There are five measuring spoons as well.

This set has been serving me well for a year now. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great set of tools to help them out in the kitchen. The only thing that it is missing is an ice cream scooper.

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