Product Review: LG Heat & Cool Window Unit 7,000 BTU Air Conditioner

Wanting an air conditioner that had both heat and cooling capabilities, I bought the 7000 BTU Heat & Cool Window Unit by LG. Most of these types of air conditioners that also have heat do not have a regular plug on them, but this one does. That means that you do not need an electrician to install a different type of electrical outlet.

When I received the unit, I was shocked to find that the remote control was missing. I do not know if this was the fault of the place I purchased it or LG. But when I contacted LG, they sent me a remote control without any problems.

It took me hours to install this air conditioner because some of the screws were missing. I had to get some at a local hardware store. To attach the metal bar to the top of the air conditioner, the unit has to be pulled out of the metal cage. The problem was the only screws that I could find that fit were too long, making it very difficult to slide the unit back into the metal cage. But with some help from someone else, we finally did it. I do not know whose fault the missing screws were, but it made for a frustrating installation. If I had been willing to wait to install it, I imagine that LG would have mailed the screws. However, a better product design would be for the A/C to come with the metal bar attached so installation isn’t so incredibly difficult.

After installing the heat and cool unit, and waiting the required time, I turned it on. It was very quiet. It heated the approximately 15′ x 15′ room. The air conditioner also worked great.

After about a week, the air conditioner started rattling in the window. I tried putting something under the air conditioner on the outside. When that didn’t work, I put some foam between the window and the metal bar on top of the A/C that makes it not fall out the window. When it continued to rattle, I also cleaned the filter. Nothing has stopped it from vibrating and rattling in the window. I cannot understand why this air conditioner was only quiet for one week.

Even with the problems, I do recommend the LG 7000 BTU heat and cool unit. It keeps the room a prefect temperature. Also, LG has great customer service.

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