Product Review: Lemi Shine Dishwasher Additive

Lemi Shine, made by Envirocon Technologies, is an automatic dishwasher additive used to treat problems caused by hard water.

If the water in your home is considered “hard”, you probably have a great deal of difficulty getting clean, clear dishes out of your dishwasher. Etching and soap scum leave a crusty, milk-scummy look on glass and silverware. This happens when the water is too hard – contains too high a level of minerals, namely calcium and magnesium. If water is hard, it cannot break down dish soaps, leaving a film on everything.

Lemi Shine gets rid of all the scum! My dishes were so bad my sister in law would balk and make faces before she would use one, despite that fact that we repeatedly informed her that they were in fact clean, and the film was just a byproduct left from our hard water situation. After a while, I stopped using my dishwasher completely because the result was so embarrassing.

Then one day, my next door neighbor, who shares our hard water table, brought home Lemi Shine from our local Wal Mart. She followed the simple cleaning directions on the bottle and couldn’t praise it enough. We were all instantly hooked. We could use our dishwashers again (and with 8 kids between the two households, that’s nothing to scoff at)! Our dishes came out “sparkling clean” every time. That dried on milk look was gone!

Lemi Shine is used with your dishwasher detergent. The company recommends using powdered detergent for best results. When using Lemi Shine for the first time, it is recommended that you follow label instructions and run it through your dishwasher, let it sit overnight and complete the cycle to clean the internal components of your machine. This way, the built up deposits do not get left on your dishes as they break up when you start using Lemi Shine. After that, simply use detergent in one cup and Lemi Shine in the other.

Envirocon technologies is a small manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning products. They are available on their Lemi Shine website. The site offers a septic system enhancer and environmentally sound pet mess eliminator in addition to Lemi Shine.

Between our two households, we have tried a multitude of products to keep dishes looking decent. Nothing has worked like Lemi Shine. It is available at retail stores nationwide, but is from a smaller manufacturer still building their customer base and is sometimes hard to find. The company asks that you ask your retailer to stock their product if you like it, and has a printable form on line you can take to the store. Lemi Shine is available on line at, but there is a minimum 6 bottle order from the site, starting at $25.20 (we split our order with the neighbors).

Lemi Shine now offers on line printable coupons for a dollar off per bottle. While you are on the site, be sure to check out Lemi Shine’s other household cleaning applications for problems caused by hard water around the kitchen and in the bath.

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