Product Review: Lock & Lock Food Storage Containers

Lock & Lock Food Storage Containers have hit the market like a storm since their development in 1998. They have been called the best food storage containers on the market. They are sold in over 54 countries. They have been a God-send to me. Let me tell you why:

First, I have problems with my hands being stiff and the standard plastic “no spill,” “no leak” containers can be very difficult to open. The Lock & Lock containers have tabs that snap down on the sides and are much easier to open if you have stiff or weak hands. If your hands are too stiff to work the locks that day, just use the back of a spoon like a lever. It won’t hurt the container. Let’s see you do that with another brand.

Second, the Lock & Lock containers keep food Fresh for a long time. They are 100% air, moisture, liquid, and odor tight. These containers managed to keep my cut fruit fresh for almost two weeks. I was completely amazed. I think it has to do with the Lock & Lock food grade silicone seal that can be removed for washing, if necessary. My lunch meats last more than twice as long as they did in their resealable zipper bags. We also drink raw milk. We have tried many types of containers and have found that the milk stays fresh almost twice as long in the air tight Lock & Lock containers.

Third, the Lock & Lock containers have been designed be used in the freezer, refrigerator, even for reheating food in the microwave if you loosen all the tabs and the lid before heating. They are not designed to be used for cooking food in the microwave.

Fourth, the Lock & Lock containers are durable. They are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, can endure rapid changes in temperature, and stand up to repeated dropping without problems. Also, since their lids are Locked on, even dropping a container full of liquid will not cause the lid to disengage, saving clean-up! The locking “wings” were tested opening and closing to an 80 degree angle over three Million times and showed no cracks or deformations. That is like using the hinges ten times a day for 821 years.

Fifth, the Lock & Lock containers are designed for stacking. They were designed with modular storage in mind. They come in round and square / rectangle shapes and have flat lids. They can create up to 40% more usable storage space in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. They come in a total of 140 sizes from one cup sizes to cake carriers to units with small wheels designed for storing two five pound bags of flour or sugar in the pantry. Think of all the other uses around the house, from office supplies to children’s toys. Since they are clear, you never have to guess the contents, either.

As a person with a young child who has difficulties with her hands, I can boldly recommend the Lock & Lock Food Storage Containers to everyone.

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