Product Review: Makita 9227cx3 Sander-Polisher

The Makita 9227cx3 is a powerful polisher that will easily restore your high-gloss finish. The tool also easily converts into a sander so that you can remove paint and work with wood. You can find the Makita 9227cx3 for a price between $175 and $200. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered with this combination sander-polisher.

The Makita 9227cx3 is powered by a 10-amp motor. The variable speed motor is capable of operating between 0 and 3,000 RPMs. The Makita 9227cx3 also features a pre-set maximum speed dial. The dial quickly sets the RPM from 600 to 3,000 RPMs. This feature is useful whether you’re doing ultra-slow or aggressive polishing.

The polisher is also equipped with a lock-on button. This will allow you to operate the Makita 9227cx3 at a constant speed. The electronic speed control will help you keep a constant speed even when the tool is operating under load. The Makita 9227cx3 polisher also has a soft-start feature which will help the tool start smoothly.

When you’re using the Makita 9227cx3 to sand, you will have to use seven-inch sanding discs. You can also equip a wool bonnet when using the tool to polish materials. The Makita 9227cx3 also features a 5/8 inch to 11 inch spindle thread.

This sander-polisher is ergonomically designed. It features multiple handle positions so that you can control the amount of pressure better. Also, the Makita 9227cx3 is 18.5 inches long and weighs approximately nine pounds. This allows you to operate the tool longer with less fatigue.

When working with sanders and polishers, it is normal for static electricity to accumulate. The Makita 9227cx3 helps to prevent the accumulation of static electricity by using a 3-prong plug.

You are provided with a few accessories when you purchase the Makita 9227cx3. There is a hex wrench so that you can change the sanding disc or wool bonnet. You are also provided with a seven-inch polishing pad and seven-inch compounding pad. The 21 inch nylon bag is useful for storing the tool when not in use.

The Makita 9227cx3 is a powerful polisher than can also be converted into a sander. The 10-amp motor will provide enough power for ultra-slow or aggressive polishing. The Makita 9227cx3 is also equipped with an electronic speed control so that you can maintain a constant speed under load.

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