Product Review: Makita BJV180 Cordless Jig Saw

The Makita BJV180 is a cordless jigsaw that can easily cut through wood and steel. It is useful for deep gouging or cutting curves. You can find the Makita BJV180 for an average price of $400. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this cordless jigsaw.

The Makita BJV180 provides a maximum stroke length of one inch and offers four position cut settings. There are three straight settings and three orbital cutting settings. These settings allow you to use the Makita BJV180 efficiently for many different cutting applications.

You will also find the design of the Makita BJV180 to provide maximum comfort. The jig saw is designed to produce low vibration. This helps you control the tool better while providing maximum comfort.

This cordless jig saw has a maximum cutting capacity of 5 5/16-inch in wood and 3/8-inch in steel. The Makita BJV180 is a variable-speed design. The variable-speed trigger can power the jig saw up to 2,600 strokes per minute.

The Makita BJV180 is designed to accommodate T-shank blades. No longer will you find changing the blade on your jig saw to be a daunting task. The Makita BJV180 features a push-in lock system that allows you to remove and install replacement blades without requiring the use of a tool.

This cordless jigsaw is powered by an LXT lithium-ion battery. The battery is designed for a lower self-discharge rate while increasing the run time. The standard battery is also equipped with 16 contact terminals so that the battery always produces high power. The rapid optimum charger included in the package is capable of completely recharging the battery in only 25 minutes.

The Makita BJV180 cordless jig saw also features a few amenities that make using the tool easier. The built-in LED lights are designed to illuminate the work area so that you can see clearly. Also, dust generated by the jig saw will not pose a problem as the Makita BJV180 is equipped with an integrated dust blower.

If you’re looking for a new cordless jig saw for your shop, you should consider buying the Makita BJV180. This design provides a maximum cutting capacity of 5 5/16 inches in wood and 3/8-inch in steel. The Makita BJV180 is also equipped with a push-in lock system so that you can easily remove and install replacement blades without needing to use tools.

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