Product Review: Mr Clean Magic Eraser Foaming Cleaner

I first heard about this product from my sister and she was telling me how amazing this product was and how she used this on her white kitchen countertop and all of the scratches disappeared like magic. I was skeptical at first and was not convinced that this product would magically erase any scratches that had been on a surface a long period of time.

I went and purchased a box from Wal Mart because I had been looking for something that would get all the stains out of my bathtub that I could not seem to get rid of. I opened the box and took a cleaning pad out, wet it, and walked over to my bathtub and started scrubbing away at the stains which has been there for quite some time by then. The product foams up to create the foam cleanser inside the pad. I could not believe what I was seeing. The stains were going away like “magic” and I continued scrubbing the stains away with each stroke of the pad. Once I was finished with the entire tub, I rinsed the tub and stood back in awe of my bathtub. It looked as if I had spent money and purchased a new bathtub it was that shiny and sparkly.

I then thought that if this made my bathtub look this good, then the crayon marks that were on my walls in the living room would great too. I headed to the living room and started wiping at the crayon marks, and a few minutes later, the section of the wall that has the marks on them, now looked like a new coat of paint was just applied. This product is the bomb! I was so impressed with this I went walking throughout my entire home looking for something else to clean.

The product comes packaged in a orange box with good old Mr Clean on the front with the words Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Underneath that are the words Foaming Multi Purpose Cleaner Built Inside. Over in the lower right hand side on the front, there is a little picture of a cleaning pad with soap bubbles.

Each box contains two cleaning pads which measure 11.8 x 6.1x 2.6 centimeters each. The cleaning pads themselves are shaped in such a way to provide an easier, firmer grip. The top part of the pad is orange and has a picture of Mr Clean and you use this side to clean surfaces with and the bottom part is white which is the side that magically erases scratches away on surfaces. The bottom part of the pad also contains the foaming cleanser that is activated once the pad is wet down with water. Also on the back of the box, there is a list of where this product can be used. They are great for the bathrooms on showers and sinks. In the kitchen, use them on microwaves, ranges, countertops and refrigerators. Use them in the living room on light switches and ceramic tiles. For outdoors, they can be used plastic patio furniture and children’s play sets.

I do want to note that there is a warning listed on the back that before you use this product on a surface, to be sure and first test out a small inconspicuous spot of the surface you want to clean and allow the spot to dry and see if it is modified or damaged. This product is not recommended for use on the following surfaces: high gloss, polished, dark, brushed, satin, faux, bare/polished wood, or stainless steel. Rinsing is required for surfaces used with direct food contact. Do not use with chlorine bleach or on a vehicle body.

The pads last through several cleaning tasks and once you cannot see any more of the white surface on the bottom of the pad, then toss it out and grab another one.

These amazing little foaming pads make cleaning a whole lot of fun! I give this product a well deserved five star rating!

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