Product Review: Power House Carpet Cleaner and Coralite Pet Wipes

If you own a pet; especially a dog, you will appreciate both of the following products. If you don’t own a pet, you will still appreciate at least one. Both of these products only cost one dollar and are a great addition to the household arsenal of cleaning products.

The first product applies to everyone. As I said, it only costs one dollar and it is worth its weight in gold. It is called “Power House Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer”. For your dollar you get a 14 ounce spray-can of carpet-cleaning liquid.

This spray is very effective for spills and for those pet “mistakes”; and, most every pet has one sooner or later. All you have to do is shake the can well. Then hold the can about two feet away from the carpet and spray evenly over the stain. Let the product stand for one hour and vacuum; it is amazingly easy.

There are two extra points to add to the instructions. If you are dealing with an extremely hard stain or long-standing stain; it is a good idea, once you have sprayed, to rub the fluid deeply into the carpet. Further, it always makes sense, not just with this product but any carpet cleaner; to spray a little “out of sight” and vacuum it to see what type of “color reaction” you are going to get.

An additional product that also costs only one dollar is for those pet owners who catch a whiff of their pet between baths or, see them itching or, just want to “clean them up” for any reason. “Coralite Pet Wipes with Aloe & Vitamin E” is a “wipe” that allows you to clean your dog; your cat; or, any small animal by safely wiping them with this little “towel”. Further, it can be used to soften paws and nails. Our dog stands as still as a statue while we rub him; he really enjoys it and, it feels good on his paws; once again according to his closed eyes.

This has been a great product for us because it allows us to give our dog some interim care; not only his “social acceptance”, but, his comfort, without putting him through the stress of a bath. For pets like cats, baths are not a typical answer anyway, so, this is a great and often welcomed alternative.

These two products were made to help keep the home front clean. Whether you have a pet or you don’t; that is always a welcome aid.

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