Product Review: Quick’n Brite Household Cleaner

I received my first shipment of Quick’n Brite over seven years ago. My husband had seen an infomercial for it on late-night television and ordered it. I had never heard of Quick’n Brite before, and I was leery of any product that claimed it could clean virtually anything, especially one that advertised on television. Most As Seen on TV products seem too good to be true, and I figured that was the case with Quick’n Brite. I decided to give it a try anyway. I am glad I did!

If you are looking for a safe, all natural household cleaner, than Quick’n Brite is the answer. This As Seen on Television household cleaning product really delivers. Quick’n Brite can be used to clean virtually any household item, from clothes to carpets to dishes. It is an environmentally safe household cleaner that is biodegradable and safe to use around pets and children. This factor especially appealed to me, as I owned two cats at the time. I do not like to use harsh chemicals around animals or children.

My shipment of Quick’n Brite consisted of a spray bottle, a 64 ounce liquid of concentrated cleaner, two sponges and several tubs of Quick’n Brite paste. The 64 ounce concentrated cleaner can be mixed with water to create a regular strength cleaner, and initially I measured out the appropriate amount of cleaning solution to water. The spray bottle came in very handy to use on flat surfaces. I did not use much of the paste according to the directions. The paste is supposed to be good for scrubbing surfaces such as a fireplace, or lifting heavy stains from carpets. I ended up dissolving the paste in water to create a cleaning solution to use in the spray bottle once I had gone through the bottle of concentrated liquid cleaner.

I first tested Quick’n Brite in the bathroom. I tend to use most of the heavy chemical cleaning products in the bathroom, and sometimes the fumes irritate my eyes and lungs. I figured if nothing else, Quick’n Brite would give me a break from the chemical fumes, as Quick’n Brite has virtually no odor. There is a very faint smell to it, such as a sweet, mild plastic smell, but when it’s applied to surfaces, even that scent disappears. Quick’n Brite does not make lots of bubbles or foam the way chemical cleaners tend to do, so at first I was concerned that the product was not working, but it made short work of the soap scum and hard water residue in the bathtub and in the sink. It also wiped up cleanly without leaving any streaks or sticky residue behind.

My next test with Quick’n Brite was to try it on a stain on one of my favorite shirts. I used the spray and sprayed a generous amount over a stain that had set into a shirt. I watched the stain literally dissolve into nothing before my very eyes. That was the first moment I began to get my hopes up that Quick’n Brite was the miracle cleaning product I had been looking for.

I quickly tried Quick’n Brite on some carpet stains and had the same results. The stains literally faded away, leaving my light beige carpet spotless. Then I had the bright idea to use Quick’n Brite in the steam cleaner vacuum and it pulled all the dirt out like a magnet, leaving the carpet looking brand new.

Whenever one of the cats had an accident on a carpeted area, I sprayed Quick’n Brite on the area and watched as it lifted the mess out of the carpet fibers. With just a little rubbing with a paper towel, the mess virtually disappeared.

I had the chance to really put Quick’n Brite through its paces one night when a friend accidentally spilled an entire glass of red wine onto our carpet. Mortified at what she had done, my friend offered to pay to have our carpeting replaced. But I told her not to worry as I reached for my spray bottle of Quick’n Brite. About forty-five minutes later, she could not believe her eyes. It was as though she had never spilled a drop of red wine.

Since then, I have used Quick’n Brite in the laundry, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and virtually in every other room of the house. It has gotten out food stains, make-up stains, cola stains, ink stains, pet accidents, and has been in general a great overall household cleaner. It seems that there is nothing that Quick’n Brite cannot clean. For that reason alone, Quick’n Brite will always be in my cleaning arsenal.

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