Product Review: Rubbermaid Starter Closet Kit

My bedroom closet had always been disorganized and messy in appearance. For years I have wanted to make it look clean and not so cluttered. Instead it seems I have been adding more clothes and other stuff without getting rid of anything. When I visited a friend’s house I saw that she had a closet organizer. I liked how it made her closet looks and was motivated in getting one and starting on that goal of organizing my closet. I found a closet organizer that I like called, Rubbermaid Starter Closet Kit. I love the Rubbermaid Starter Closet Kit for so many reasons.

The Rubbermaid Starter Closet Kit comes with a lot of great features, which has helped with the organization of my closet. The kit is adjustable can be made to fit closet from three to six inches. This flexibility made it easy for me to just buy it and install. I knew beforehand the measurements of my closet was somewhere in between three to six. He features two shelves that measure 36.25″ inches, three shelves that measure 26.25″ inches and shelves, four upright shelves that measure 47.5″ inches and ten shelf brackets. In addition it comes with two 36″ hang rails, eight rod support hangers, one 36-72″ adjustable rod, one 26-52″ adjustable rod and all the hardware you need to install it. I have used the different features to hang most of my clothes, store all of my shoes.

The Rubbermaid Starter Closet Kit is easy to set up. There is no cutting involved. There is an instruction that comes with the kit, which is very easy to follow. It took me about a half an hour to put it together. The finished product looks great in my closet. It is white in color so it coordinates with the color of my clothes.

You can purchase the Rubbermaid Starter Closet Kit at Mervyns stores. I bought it for $70 dollars not including tax. I have also bought other Rubbermaid closet products that match nicely with the start kit that I bought. For example, I have bought a shoe rack and other shelving. I think the Rubbermaid Starter Closet Kit is well worth the money. My closet looks clean and organized. I have received many compliments from family members, which has also encouraged them to purchase the kit too. This is a product I would recommend to anyone who needs a little organization in his or her closet.

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