Product Review: The Best Frozen Pizzas It’s All About Crust

Face it, frozen pizza is a convenience food enjoyed by people of all ages. It makes a great late night snack or works as lunch or dinner when you just don’t feel like cooking and want to heat and eat something tasty. I can’t recall ever meeting anyone who didn’t like pizza. In fact, every time I have had out of town guests, inevitably sometime during their visit we end up eating pizza. I have never enjoyed take out pizza or home delivered pizza as much as heating up a frozen pizza, simply because it feels like twice the work getting pizza delivery or take out because I end up heating the pizza again to get it good and hot. Additionally, there is always the big pizza box to deal with fitting into a garbage can. So, frozen pizza straight from the grocery store is the most convenient option when it comes to the best combination of price, taste, and least amount of effort getting it from oven to dish.

When you go to the frozen aisle of your grocery store, likely half of the aisle is filled with frozen pizza and there are so many choices and it can overwork your brain just trying to figure out what the best choice is. All pizzas are not created equal and some just taste downright nasty. The secret to a great tasting pizza is the crust. It is all about the crust. If the crust is tasteless or strange tasting, or has some kind of unpleasant aftertaste, then it doesn’t matter how good the toppings are. Having tried many frozen pizzas over the years, I found these pizzas, which are readily available in most grocery stores have the best tasting crust.

Connie’s Pizza Thin Crust (Hand Assembled)

Some people love a thin crust pizza. The crunchy, almost cracker like crispness holds the pizza toppings like a work of art. Well I have a preference toward thick crust pizzas, but I have to say that despite my preference, I am going to rank Connie’s Thin Crust Pizza as Number 1 when it comes to frozen pizzas. Connie’s Pizza is authentic hand-stretched pizzeria style thin crust. It has a taste similar to crust that comes out of a brick oven and with a hint of cornmeal for added flavor, which adds an almost sweet subtle flavor. The crust is not bland at all and the seasoning tastes perfect. It bakes perfectly crunchy with no burning, like some crusts made from other companies do, even when following package directions. Connie’s thin crust bread crumb pizzas are topped with quality ingredients and they say they take no short cuts in production to save time or expense, and I believe them. The proof is in the great taste. They make thin crust pizza in the following flavors

Connie’s Thin Breadcrumb Pizza Pepperoni

Connie’s Thin Breadcrumb Pizza Super

Connie’s Thin Breadcrumb Pizza Roasted Vegetable

Connie’s Thin Breadcrumb Pizza Special

Connie’s Thin Breadcrumb Pizza Sausage

Connie’s Thin Breadcrumb Pizza Cheese

The Connie’s Story

Connie’s has an interesting history. On their web site it says in the 1960’s a man named Jim Stolfe traded an Oldsmobile car for a pizzeria in Chicago. The pizza place was called Connie’s and by the time Jim could afford to change the name of the sign, it was too late because the brand name of Connie’s was already legendary in how great the pizza was. 40 years later that one pizzeria grew into more restaurants and expanded into a retail market with the frozen pizza line that goes far beyond Chicago.

To learn more about the company history and the other pizzas Connie’s make, you can visit their website.


Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Amy’s Kitchen, famous for marketing an extensive line of organic frozen convenience foods for both vegetarians and vegans, makes an outstanding pizza. My personal favorite is Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza. It happens to be vegan (that means not only is it meatless, but it contains no dairy products). Well, let me tell you, you do not have to be Vegetarian or Vegan to enjoy the incredible taste of Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza. This pizza has no cheese, and if you think cheese makes the pizza, you are wrong. This pizza is so good you don’t feel like cheese is “missing”. The combination of vegetables is greatly enhanced by not being overpowered by cheese. The roasted vegetables blend perfectly into the super tasty crust, which I would describe as medium thickness. The pizza is topped with marinated organic shiitake mushrooms, roasted red peppers, sweet onions and marinated artichoke hearts. This pizza is cholesterol free and the crust is exquisite. So yeah, the pizza happens to be healthy and meets the diet requirements of most lifestyles, but despite it being good for you, it tastes decadently good. Now that is impressive!

You can explore Amy’s other pizza flavors by visiting her website at

Tony’s Deep Dish Pizza

Tony’s Pizza which is a mainstream frozen pizza, available just about everywhere frozen pizzas are sold, makes a very good Deep Dish Pizza. They sell boxes of personal size Deep Dish pizzas in packs of 6, individually wrapped, in the flavors of pepperoni, cheese and sausage supreme. The crust is very good and the overall flavor is great as far as store bought deep dish pizza’s go. The size is perfect because of the nice thick crust. The only other deep dish pizza crust I have found better than this, in the grocery store is Target Archer Farms market Deep Dish Cheese pizza, and that is only available in Target Super Stores.

To learn more about the Tony’s brand, brand history and their other products, you can visit them online at

Bon appetit!

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