Product Review: The Toro 828 LXE Snowblower

The Toro 828 LXE is a two-stage snow blower. The machine is equipped with an eight horsepower Tecumseh four-cycle engine. The engine can be powered on by using an electric start or a recoil mitten grip. Therefore, you’ll never have any trouble starting it on cold days. You can find the Toro 828 LXE for an average price of $1300. Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered by this snow blower.

The Toro 828 LXE is equipped with the PowerMax auger system that meters snow intake. If snow is not thrown immediately whenever it’s take it, it will be returned to the auger. This allows the Toro 828 LXE snowblower to handle more snow in less time. The unit has a large 28 inch clearing path and can move up to 2,000 pounds per minute. The unit can also throw snow up to 45 feet. However, the distance it is able to throw depends on the condition of the snow.

The Toro 828 LXE also features a heavy-duty auger gearcase to transfer power to the serrated augers. The gearcase is designed to withstand a lot of stress. This negates the need to use shear pins in the unit.

As mentioned earlier, this snowblower is powered by an eight horsepower Tecumseh four-cycle engine. The engine offers a total of eight different speeds, including six forward speeds and two speeds in reverse. The Toro 828 LXE can hold up to one gallon of fuel at a time.

Another nice feature of the Toro 828 LXE snowblower is the polyethylene chute. The non-stick surface will help prevent snow from building up. The chute also has a larger opening to accommodate more snow. You will also like how convenient the chute is to control. There is a joystick on the dashboard that allows you to adjust chute deflection and direction. The Toro 828 LXE is also equipped with a headlight so that you can see where you’re going when using the unit at night.

If you need a powerful snowblower, then you should definitely consider investing in the Toro 828 LXE. The unit can move up to 2,000 pounds of snow each minute and throw it up to 45 feet away. The chute on the Toro 828 LXE also has a non-stick surface so you don’t have to worry about snow building up. There is also a joystick on the dashboard which allows you to adjust the deflection and direction of the chute.

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