Product Review: Tiberius 9 Paintball Gun

The Tiberius 9 paintball gun is convertible from a sniper rifle to a pistol. You can make this conversion in less than a minute, depending on if you use a hopper and an air tank. You can find the Tiberius 9 for a price between $400 and $500. Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered by this paintball gun.

The Tiberius 9 can be used with 12 gram CO2 cartridges or a remote air line. One 12 gram cartridge can provide enough air to shoot three full magazines, or about 24 rounds. The remote air line can be attached to an external tank so that you don’t have to worry about changing CO2 cartridges. This requires you to use the included attachment accessory in place of the CO2 cartridge.

You will also like the fact that the magazine will automatically seal the air valve whenever it is ejected. This works whether or not you’re using a remote air line or CO2 cartridges. The Tiberius 9 can also be fed paintballs by using either a magazine or a hopper. You can convert between using a hopper and a magazine in less than 30 seconds.

The Tiberius 9 is also equipped with a custom vertical grip. This vertical grip features side panels on both the left and right sides that can be fitted with pressure switches. This allows you to use devices such as laser sights and tactical flashlights with the Tiberius 9 paintball gun. If you want to, you can even remove the vertical grip completely.

You will also appreciate how easy the Tiberius 9 is to maintain. You simply have to rotate the barrel counter-clockwise 180 degrees in order to remove it. Then you can run a straight-shot squeegee through the barrel and replace it. This is much faster than designs that require you to unscrew the barrel.

There are an assortment of useful accessories packaged with the Tiberius 9 paintball gun. They include a red dot scope, mock silencer, tactical flashlight, and a laser sight with a push trigger. You are also provided with a sight riser which is useful when wearing a mask. When using the Tiberius 9 as a sniper rifle, you will appreciate the included bi-pod that has adjustable and folding legs.

The Tiberius 9 is a versatile paintball marker as you can convert it from a sniper rifle to a pistol in less than a minute. You can use 12 gram CO2 cartridges or a remote air line to provide air for the gun. Also, the Tiberius 9 is equipped with a custom vertical grip that allows you to use laser sights and tactical flashlights.

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