Product Review: Trutech TT 320 DVD Player

I put off buying a DVD player for a very long time. I have one on my computer, and figured that that was good enough. I have a large enough computer monitor that I could watch movies if I wanted to, both my TVs have built-in VCRs, and I figured I didn’t need the expense of a separate DVD player, as I am trying to pay off a rather large amount of debt. I figured that a DVD player would be quite expensive.

I may have been the last person in America to get a DVD player. I finally broke down about three months ago because I got tired of only being able to watch DVDs on my computer. For one thing, I sometimes had trouble getting it to play DVDs, as there seemed to be a lot of interference from anti-spy ware types of programs and things like that. Sometimes I had a hard time diagnosing the problem if a DVD wouldn’t play. Also, my desktop computer monitor really isn’t ideally situated for lounging on the couch and watching movies, and I didn’t want to be having to move it around all the time. Furthermore, it is getting harder and harder to find VHS tapes. So I decided to at least price some DVD players.

It turns out that there are at least some DVD players that aren’t at all expensive. I got a Trutech TT 320 DVD player at Target for $34. At that price I was wondering how good it would be, but for $34 I figured I didn’t have much to lose, and I am really glad I bought it. It plays just about any type of Disc – DVD, video or audio CDs, MP3 music files, and JPG images from your digital camera. It is easy to connect to your TV and easy to use. It comes with a fairly complete Operation Guide and a limited warranty (three months for defects and malfunctions, one year for parts). It is also small and light, so it is easy to move if I want to watch DVDs in the bedroom instead of the living room. Although for $34, I may just buy another one for the bedroom. It also has a parental control that you can set, with ratings ranging from Kid Safe (suitable for all ages) to Adult (adult themes, language, and nudity).

If you are looking to get a new DVD player, consider the Trutech TT 320. It is affordable, easy to use (even if you are technologically challenged) and works great.

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