Product Review: Vornado 723B Whole House 3 Speed Air Circulator

I recently had the honor of receiving this product, compliments of the Vornado company, in response to the negative review I wrote about the Vornado heater. I am writing this review not because I received this product the way I did and feel obligated, but because I truly feel that this product is worthy of an excellent review, and would be whether I had paid full price for it or not.

I did not want to write a review for this product until I had time to test it properly. Well, I have been using it almost daily for the past two months, and have been beyond pleased. The first thing you notice about this when you open the package, is the fact that it is a fan that sits very low to the ground. It is not your run of the mill pedestal fan, in fact, it is quite different. At first I was dubious about this design, but quickly changed my mind after I saw the effectiveness of this style. This design pulls cool air from the floor level, where cool air always resides, and throws it gently into the air to cool down the warmer air. A great way to get a maximum effect from this fan is to place it near a floor vent that shoots out air conditioned air. The fan will draw the air out as it comes up, and circulate it effortlessly throughout the room.

This fan is aptly named an air circulator, and with good reason. It does not just blow air with force, as would a box or pedestal fan. And it does not keep air near the top of the room, as would a ceiling fan. It truly gently circulates air throughout the room. This is very clear in my office, which is of an open design. Because of this fan, I can feel fresh circulated air throughout the whole first floor. And this is only with the setting on low!

Now, in regards to the fan speeds, I find that I usually keep mine on the first, or lowest, setting. It does such a superior job of air circulation, that a higher speed would not be necessary for my personal needs, although it is wonderful to know I have the capability for more, should I have need of it. The best part about this air circulator by Vornado, is how whisper quiet it truly is. Often, with many other fans, once you turn them on, their sound dominates the room. Not so with the Vornado Air Circulator. Once this is turned on, you tend to forget it is on, and it just runs gently and quietly in the background. I find this perfectly convenient and non-distracting for my office environment.

Another fabulous feature about this fan is the general attractiveness of it, as are all of Vornado’s products. They all tend to have a very modern, streamlined look, which is aesthetically pleasing, and something I very much appreciate. It makes putting this fan in your office or bedroom a nice visual addition, and I think too many companies overlook this fact. A fan or heater, just because they are functional, do not have to be unattractive. Vornado obvioulsy realizes this and have managed to pair great performance inside a small work of art, in every unit they produce. Three cheers for their product designers!

In summary, the Vornado Air Circulator has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I have never owned a fan this pleasing in every way, and I have owned many fans throughout the years. This is the type of product that I would be proud to give to my parents or friends as a gift, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would be greatly appreciated. Don’t be put off by the $99 price tag, either. This product is well worth it. I have been running this air circulator for about 7 hours a day for the past couple of months, and I have had not a bit of trouble from it. It is also the type of appliance that can be used all year round, to circulate hot or cool air throughout your home. This would make a great gift for newlyweds, college students, and first time home buyers. It is also a great gift for seniors because it is easy to use, and overall super user friendly. This is an excellent, well-made product. Buy it with confidence!

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